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Re: Top 3 of this year, top 3 of last

Those three records were so far ahead of everything this year (according to critics) the rest of the top ten last year weren't cast as far behind. I assume that there are only so many points that can go round.

Re: Top 3 of this year, top 3 of last

I just think it would be nice to stick to a certain number of lists. Top off at 75. If someone feels a magazine is more respect then one that has been listed in the passed, then replace it with the new one.

If you add new lists every year, there's the likely hood that those particular mags all love portishead. Hypathetically they good have them as recieving 7 out of 10 possible First place mentions. It would significantly increase there status.

by setting a limit, you are setting a standard. By choosing the best mags, you'll be getting better results.

I know its subjective. But when things get they way, you go by reputation, and age. We as a group should be able to vote on the inclusions and exclusions of eligable lists.

In the end it would make it easier for you to compile the results. 10 -20 years from now, you might have 100 more lists to add. It'll get rediculous