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Efe Eme (Spain) Best of 2008

Published in http://www.efeeme.com/ in January 2009 (Efe Eme is now only online, there’s no published magazine from January 2007)

Best international albums of 2008, apparently not ranked with an album of the year, published on 07/01/09 here (http://www.efeeme.com/revista/revista_ficha.aspx?id=3280&ids=2):
- CELENTANO “Dormi amore la situazione non è buona” (album of the year)
- BRIAN WILSON “That Lucky Old Sun”
- PAUL WELLER “22 Dreams”
- NEIL DIAMOND “Home Before Dark”
- PEDRO AZNAR “Quebrado”
- FLEET FOXES “Fleet Foxes”
- BERNARD LAVILLIERS “Samedi soir à Beyrouth”
- JANE BIRKIN “Enfants d’hiver”
- ACHO ESTOL “Mi película”
- CALEXICO “Carried to Dust”
- NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!”
- TEDDY THOMPSON “A Piece of What You Need”
- JOHN MELLENCAMP “Life Death Love and Freedom”
- RANDY NEWMAN “Harps and Angels”
- DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS “Brighter Than Creation’s Dark”
- CHUCHO VALDÉS “Canto a Dios”
- MARIANNE FAITHFUL “Easy Come, Easy Go”
- ANA PRADA “Soy sola”
- DUFFY “Rockferry”

Best Spanish albums of 2008: only an album of the year, the rest not apparently ranked, published on 05/01/09, you can find it here (http://www.efeeme.com/revista/revista_ficha.aspx?id=3267&ids=2):
- DELUXE “Reconstrucción” (album of the year)
- M-CLAN “Memorias de un espantapájaros”
- LAPIDO “Cartografía”
- LOQUILLO “Balmoral”
- AMARAL “Gato negro, dragón rojo”
- SERGIO MAKAROFF “Número uno”
- EXTREMODURO “La ley innata”
- SANTIAGO AUSERÓN “Canciones de Santiago Auserón con la Original Jazz Orquestra”
- NACHO VEGAS “El manifiesto desastre”
- REBECA JIMÉNEZ “Todo llegará”
- JULIO BUSTAMANTE “Lluvia cascabel”
- JOAQUÍN CARBONELL “Clásica y moderna”
- DOCTOR DIVAGO “Las canciones del año que viene”
- MIGUEL RÍOS “Solo o en compañía de otros”
- SEÑOR MOSTAZA “Somos poco prácticos”
- ANDY CHANGO “Boris Vian”
- IVÁN FERREIRO “Mentiroso, mentiroso”
- VETUSTA MORLA “Un día en el mundo”

And also the best reissues and compilations here

Re: Efe Eme (Spain) Best of 2008

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