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EOY list : Vibrations (Switzerland)

Vibrations is a great magazine dedicated to ALL STYLES of music (with a love for world and black music, and no particular obsession with arty indie-rock from brooklyn hipsters ). Very rare and worthy of a mention
Each year they pick one record of the year, then 5 more in a second category, then a third category.
No order inside categories

Record of the year : Toumani Diabaté - The Mande Variations

5 records in category 2 :

Femi Kuti - Day By Day
Tricky - Knowle West boy
Melingo - Maldito tango
Portishead - third
Nick cave and the Bad seeds -Dig Lazarus Dig


Grace Jones - Hurricane
Santogold - S/T
Al Green - Lay It Down
Benga - Diary Of An afro warrior
Alice Russel - Pot Of gold
Sandra Nkaké - mansaadi
Ba Cissoko - Séno
Arthur Russel - Love Is overtaking me
Grupo fantasma - Sonidos Gold
Kid creole - Going Places - The August Darnell Years 1974-82
Victor Uwaifo - Guitar Boy Superstar
mario Lucio - Badyo
james hunter - the hardway
Camille - Music Hole

Re: EOY list : Vibrations (Switzerland)

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