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EOY-List ONDA ROCK (Italy)

01. Portishead ´Third´
02. Have A Nice Life ´Deathconsciousness´
03. Deerhunter ´Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.´
04. Carl craig & Moritz Von Oswald ´Recomposed´
05. Fleet Foxes ´Fleet Foxes´
06. Indian Jewellery ´Free Gold!´
07. Evangelista ´Hello, Voyager´
08. Micah P. Hinson ´And The Red Empire Orchestra´
09. Robert Owens ´Night Time Stories´
10. Sao Paolo Underground ´The Principle Of Intrusive Relationship´
10. Dusk & Blackdown ´Margins Music´
10. Fennesz ´Black Sea´
13. Kevin Drumm ´Imperial Distortion´
14. Cut Copy ´In Ghost Colours´
14. Advisory Circle ´Other Channels´
16. Toumani Diabaté ´The Mandé Variations´
17. (((Sunset))) ´Bright Blue Dream´
18. M83 ´saturday = Youth´
19. Beach House ´Devotion´
19. Gus Black ´Today Is Not The Day´
21. Merz ´Moi Et Mon Cammion´
22. No Age ´Nouns´
23. Runhild Gammelsaeter ´Amplicon´
24. Balmorhea ´Rivers Arms´
24. Late Of The Pier ´Fantasy Black Channel´
26. Flying Lotus ´Los Angeles´
26. Johann Johannsson ´Fordlandia´
28. Mercury Rev ´Snowflake Midnight´
29. Scott Matthew ´Scott Matthew´
29. TV On The Radio `Dear Science´
31. Fuck Vuttons ´Street Horrrsing´
31. Autistic Daughters ´Uneasy Flowers´
33. Baustelle ´Amen´
33. Bersarin Quartett ´Bersarin Quartett´
35. James Yorkston ´When The Haar Rolls In´
36. Sic Alps ´U.S. Ez´
37. Dead C ´Secret Earth´
38. Daniel Martin Moore ´Stray Age´
38. July Skies ´The Weather Clock´
38. Lindstrom ´Where You Go I Go Too´
38. Magnetic Fields ´Distortion´
42. Elbow ´The Seldom seen Kid´
43. Beat Circus ´Dreamland´
43. Vampire Weekend ´Vampire Weekend´
45. Shed ´Shedding The Past´
46. Hercules And Love Affair ´Hercules And Love Affair´
46. Primal Scream ´Beautiful Future´
46. Raiders Of The Lost Arp ´Tema5´
49. Okkervil river ´The Stand Ins´
49. No-Man ´Schoolyard Ghosts´

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