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pazz & jop recommendations

In less thatn 2 weeks, we'll have to submit our top 10 of 2008.

I think it would be great if we could post our recommendations in this thread, I mean albums that we really liked this past year and that are not among the top candidates (Fleet Foxes On The Radio, MGMT, emma forever, Nick Drake et al)

PLease post your favorite underrated albums of the year with a short commentary

You probably know I'm kind of old-fashioned in my tastes, so let me recommend you the best of 2008's dad-rock records - (What's wrong about being a dad ???)

- Femi Kuti - Day by Day : it's his best, no doubt about it, embracing the afrobeat tradition of his father but also psychedelic soul, jazz, reggae, and great lyrics too. This album is a real delight.

- Drive-by Truckers - Brighrt Than Creation's Dark : the best classic rock album of the year, where alt country meets Southern rock, Wilco meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. 3 songwriters, great words. A must.

- Ron Sexsmith - Exit Strategy Of The soul : This guy deserves more acclaim. His romantic pop songs aresimple, touching, but really well crafted melodies.

That's all folks !

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

sorry for the mispellings : had a frew drinks yesterday

and you can find more of femi and ron on my blog

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

The Tallest Man On Earth - Shallow Grave

Fantastic folk album, the best in years, will top my top10 this year. Anyone who is remotely into folk should get this record.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

The Dodos - Visitor ! Album of the year for me, great duo creating a deep universe with mainly an acoustic guitar and drums. Sort of listener-friendly Animal Collective.

And I think that Puppetmastaz - the Takeover is the best hip-hop album of the year, but it seems that few people think the same !

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Department of Eagles - In Ear Park - Danile Rossen of GRIZZLY BEAR, and former college roomate get together and create some beutuful atmospheric accoustic music.

Deerhunter - Microcastle - An amazing album. A cross between My Bloody Valentine and the Velvet Underground. Currently ranked 10th best album of the year. However my write up is geared towards AM users. Not very many of you have listened to this yet, or have failed to give it a proper chance. I BEG OF YOU, TRY!!!!!!!!

She & Him - Volume 1 - The feel good album of the year. Every list has one, why not yours?

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Real emotional Trash - He's still got it, and all he needs is some listeners.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

stephan, that Tallest Man album sounds awesome !!
Where do you think i can find it online ?

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

You can buy it on www.thetallestmanonearth.com, or songza should have the songs if you just want to listen to them.

If you want the mp3s for free you'd have to resort to.. less legal methods.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Thanks, Stephan. Best thing I've heard this year.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

I found it on emusic.com (I'm a subscriber there)
So it will be on my list of records to listen to

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Three bands I bet you haven't heard but I suggest you to check them out. And one you have heard but maybe not listened to.

Meursault - Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing with Tongues.
Scottish band that I found by accident in June (I was looking other Meursault-band myspace site). Songs blew my mind and Meursault felt like most promising band since Arcade Fire.
Still it won't be in my top 10 because I never got that album and haven't heard it full (I paid it but never got that cd).

Joensuu 1685 - s/t
If you like My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain or Spiritualized you must check this out.

Fuck Buttons - Street Horrising
I guess there ain't lot of people in this forum who like noise or drone. And if someone likes those genres he/she has definetely already checked this duo. In my year top 10 for sure.
Fuck Buttons

And don't forget
Paavoharju - Laulu laakson kukista.
Not their best album but still one of the most unique bands on earth.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

How come I can't find Paavohravu's album at Newbury Comics? Is it international or one of those annoying digital only releases?

I second the recommendation of Drive By Truckers.

Also, Blitzen Trapper, Frightened Rabbit, Erykah Badu, The Bellrays.

Deerhunter is great, but it sure isn't underrated.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Two that seem to be off people's radars are Atmosphere and Raphael Saadiq

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

BillAdama, wow did it sound so good that you are going to order Paavoharju album right away.
Here's the link to Newbury Comics.
(It's Paavoharju not Paavohravu).
Newbury Comics - Paavoharju
You can find their earlier stuff in amazon or in the Fonal site.
Fonal Shop
Their ep from 2006 was only in digital (and it was also free). I can't remember where I found it (Fonal didn't released that ep).

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Well, there's also five or six people on the metacritic forum that have been recommending it, so your recommendation was just the straw.

I found it easily on Amazon and ordered it, but I still generally prefer buying things at the store because I don't have to pay shipping and it gives me a way to kill time in the city.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

kevin, I totally agree with you about Microcastles I have it as my best album of the year. Two other albums I would recommend are Little Joy and Marnie Stern's albums.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

I just got some 'new' stuff from a friend of mine, which makes it much more difficult for me now to do the voting ... there is no doubt about my #1 but there are some interesting albums that keep me busy for the remaining 9 spots:

1) Rokia Traoré - Tchamantché (Henrik already mentioned her, and it does sound very nice and rhythmic; competes with Amadou & Mariam, the other Mali highlight)

2) Deerhunter - Microcastle (agree with Kevin reg. mix MBV and VU; a growing diamond, gets better after each listen)

3) Johan Johansson - Fordlandia (the banks may be bankrupt in Iceland, but there is still pretty good quality music coming from the island; already liked the last Sigur Ros, but this modern classical album is special too)

These 3 might (still) make it to the 10. And what to do with these fine live/bootleg releases from Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Buena Vista Social Club? All heard it before, but still, those are 'awfully' beautiful albums.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

I'm not debating that Microcastle is a great record, it's my #8. I'm just saying, calling it underrated is like calling the Beatles underrated. It's Pitchfork's #1 and it's probably going to be #4 of the year in the next AM update behind TVOTR, Fleet Foxes, Portisheaad.

Rokia Traore is another one that's gotten a lot of recommends on MC forum. Is that available in the US without import?

(I'm waiting for the US release of Welcome to Mali in March).

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

My favorite underrated album this year is definately: Hold On Now, Youngster by Los Campesinos!

it's an indie/punk gem that reminds you that music can be super-fun to listen to. The band switches between male and female singers constantly and have terrificly witty and funny lyrics behind instantly catchy music. allmusic.com said that to recomend the album seemed inadequate, rather that it should be "highly required" or something along those lines.

song highlights: Death to Los Campesinos!, You! Me! Dancing!

actually they released two albums this year but this one is the better of the two

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

I don't know about that. This was a pretty dissapointing year for twee. Leave twee to the Scottish. I actually traded in my Los Campesinos cd for this one and it was a great decision.

Tilly and the Wall's O has yet to make a single list. Their early stuff was really dull twee like the bands of this year with obnoxious guy/girl vocals that we've become all to familiar with (which is why I hated 2005)This time around they've left the vocals to the girl who could actually sing and the crisp singings adds depth to the catchiness of the melodies and the infectious tapdancing.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

My two favorites have already been mentioned: Los Campesinos! and Frightened Rabbit. Both would be highly recommended.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

This is as good a place as any to talk about this...

I make my own personal tally of the top albums by music critics' I respect and two albums Portishead's Third and TV On the Radio, have the most marks of albums I haven't heard.

However, I have not heard, Dummy or Portishead's self-titled. Is Third a good stand alone album, or is its critical praise primarily due to the unique departure Third is from Portishead's previous records? I'd like to get an idea if I should listen to Third right away before Pazz and Jop is due, or if I should build up the experience by listening to the first two records before Third.


Re: pazz & jop recommendations

I'd say it stands fairly well on it's own, but you should nevertheless listen to Dummy first. Just because it's great.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Dummy is a masterpiece, Third in my opinion not.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Nice to see a number of my favorites this year mentioned here!

I will add one more, Dan Lissvik - 7Trx + intermission. If you were into the Studio album last year this one is a necessity and far better then Yearbook 2.

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

I second Stephan on Tallest Man On Earth

And if you love black music (a little underrated on this forum) , please try Femi Kuti

Re: pazz & jop recommendations

Another great record from Mali is Toumani Dabaté's Mandé Variations.
He is alone at the kora (Malian harp). It is not an easy record, less pop oriented than rokia Traoré or Amadou & Maryam
Really beautiful but you've got to get into it
first you discover the instrument and its many possibilities, then the music, then the musician (he is, not only a virtuoso, but a real master)
highly recommendable

Re: pazz & jop recommendations