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Album Recordings that Could make Great Movies

From what I've read from the great history of popular music, some of the greatest albums were emotionally difficult on its artists, producers and engineers. And part of me, however, wishes to see that dramatized. Here is a list (with reasons) why the recordings and productions of these great albums would be great to see on the big screen.

3 – The Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks. Trying to make an album where the entire country, the entire upper class and the entire monarchy is against you is a feat worth seeing on the big screen. (Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Johnny Rotten.)

2 – The Beatle's Abbey Road. The greatest music band of all time in its final days. Enough said. (Diego Luna as Paul McCartney.)

1 – Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. Not only a fantastic pop record, but probably the most sexually divisive record ever made. Try writing a hateful song about an ex lover and then recording that hateful song with your ex lover! (Scarlett as Stevie.)

Re: Album Recordings that Could make Great Movies

I had this terrible idea one summer that someone should translate Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots into a screenplay, but that it should be almost like Adaptation and be about struggling to do the adaptation of Yoshimi.

I still think it'd be interesting, but I'd leave it to Kaufman and not me.

Re: Album Recordings that Could make Great Movies

Funny you should say that because according to wikipedia: "In March 2007, the band revealed that they have recently teamed up with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to produce a Broadway musical based on the album."
i'm not sure what happened with that but...