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Annoying EOY-lists

Sorry, I don't mean to nag, but these EOY lists are really annoying. Everything else drownes in this forum. Is it possible to make a theme for music lists, like a forum within the forum?

Re: Annoying EOY-lists

Well, be patient Rune, it will soon be over

Re: Annoying EOY-lists

I don't think that's possible with these Bravenet forums, which is why I suggested a real forum a while back, in which several sections can be created as well as being able to register your own posts.

Unfortunately there's no way to export the posts from the Bravenet forums into, say, phpbb, so that's probably not going to happen.

Re: Annoying EOY-lists

I meant register your own profile.

Re: Annoying EOY-lists

I dont find them annoying at all. In fact I wait all year for it. Isnt that what this site is about. I've found at least 10 good titles since these lists have begun to be posted.