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Artrocker's Top 35 Albums of 2008

Artrocker: "where NME is the enemy"

35. MIT-Coda
34. Threatmantics-Upbeat Love
33. Wet Dog-Enterprise Reversal
32. Vile Imbeciles-Queenie was a Blondie
31. Sons & Daughters-This Gift
30. We Are the Physics-We Are the Physics Are OK At Music
29. A Place to Bury Strangers-s/t
28. Nelson-Revolving Doors
27. Selfish Cunt- English Chamber Music
26. Die!Die!Die!-Promises Promises
25. the Long Blondes-Singles
24. Autokratz- Down & Out in Paris & London
23. Popular Workshop-We're Alive We're Not Alone
22. Johnny Foreigner-Waited Up Til It Was Late
21. So So Modern- Friends & Fires
20. Marvin-Devil in the Distance
19. Silvery-Thunder & Excelsior
18. Thomas Tantrum- s/t
17. These New Puritans-Best Pyramid
16. White Denim-Workout Holiday
15. The Futureheads-This is Not the World
14. Operator Please-Yes Yes Vindictive
13. Be Your Own Pet-Get Awkward
12. the Chap- Mega Breakfast
11. the Death Set-Worldwide
10. Pete and the Pirates- Little Death
9. Black Carrot- Drink the Black Forest
8. Metronomy- Nights Out
7. Broomheads Jacket- On the Brain
6. XX Teens- Welcome to Goon Island
5. Young Knives- Superabundance
4. Crystal Castles- s/t
3. Blood Red Shoes- Box of Secrets
2. Late of the Pier- Fantasy Black Channel
1. Those Dancing Days- In Our Space Hero Suits

Re: Artrocker's Top 35 Albums of 2008

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