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50. Bon Iver ´Skinny Love´
49. Maiysha ´Wanna Be´
48. Young Jeezy & Kanye West ´Put On´
47. Booka Shade ´Charlotte´
46. Glasvegas ´Geraldine´
45. Kristoffer Ragnstam ´Swing That Tambourine´
44. The Walkmen ´In The New Year´
43. Lucinda Williams ´Rarity´
42. Nas ´Black President´
41. The Avett Brothers ´Murder In The City´
40. We Are Scientists ´After Hours´
39. TV On The Radio ´Golden Age´
38. Noah & The Whale ´Five Years Time´
37. Vampire Weekend ´Oxford Comma´
36. Adele ´Chasing Pavements´
35. Beck ´Modern Guilt´
34. Gnarls Barkley ´Run (I´m A Natural Disaster)´
33. The Verve ´Love Is Noise´
32. Animal Collective ´Water Curses´
31. Jamie Lidell ´Another Day´
30. The Felice Brothers ´Frankie´s Gun!´
29. Feist ´I Feel It All´
28. Jamey Johnson ´In Color´
27. Death Cab For Cutie ´I Will Possess Your Heart´
26. Coldplay ´Viva La Vida´
25. T.I. ´Whatever You Like´
24. R.E.M. ´Supernatural Superserious´
23. Britney Spears ´Womanizer´
22. Cut Copy ´Lights And Music´
21. Janelle Monáe ´Many Moons´
20. Keane ´Spiralling´
19. Trentemoller ´Miss You´
18. Los Campesinos! ´My Year In Lists´
17. M 83 ´Graveyard Girl´
16. Lyrics Born ´I Like It, I Love It´
15. Weezer ´Pork And Beans´
14. Lykke Li ´Little bit´
13. Vampire Weekend ´A-Punk´
12. Lil Wayne ´A Milli´
11. Goldfrapp ´A & E´
10. Kanye west ´Love Lockdown´
09. Radiohead ´Reckoner´
08. Hercules And Love Affair ´Blind´
07. The Hold Steady ´Sequestered In Memphis´
06. Santogold ´L.E.S. Artistes´
05. Fleet Foxes ´White Winter Hymnal´
04. Portishead ´Machine Gun´
03. MGMT ´Time To Pretend´
02. Sigur Ros ´Gobbledigook´
01. Estelle feat. Kanye West ´American Boy´

Re: EOY-List POPMATTERS (Singles)

Fred goes to work now.

Re: EOY-List POPMATTERS (Singles)

American Boy at no. 1 and no Mercy at all. I don't get it.

Duffy's Mercy has not been included in ANY of the lists so far (Blender, Grammy, Popmatters, Observer, Gaffa and Intro)!

A first sign of a combined list of acclaimed songs from 2008:

1. Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy
2. MGMT - Time to Pretend
3. Hercules And Love Affair - Blind
4. Lil Wayne - A Milli
5. Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
6. Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire
7. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
8. Portishead - Machine Gun
9. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
10. Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook

Portishead rule (at least given the competition in this list).

Re: Re: EOY-List POPMATTERS (Singles)

"Mercy" has made a few lists now, but it certainly isn't getting nearly the acclaim that it deserves. "Mercy" was one of those rare instances in my book when a timeless, amazing song took the world over by storm.

Estelle is truly, truly awful. That a song that bites the music from Will I Am is getting this much acclaim is disturbing.