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EOY-List STATE Ireland

25. Santogold ´Santogold´
24. The Gaslight Anthem ´The ´59 Sound´
23. Hem Sandwich ´Carry The Meek´
22. Kanye West ´Heartbreaks & 808´
21. Department Of Eagles ´In Ear Park´
20. Messiah J & the Expert ´From The Word Go´
19. David Holmes ´The Holy Pictures´
18. Times New Viking ´Rip It Off´
17. Nick Cave ´Dig Lazarus Dig!´
16. TV On The Radio ´Dear Science´
15. Cut Copy ´In Ghost Colours´
14. Laura Marling ´Alas I Cannot Swim´
13. Elbow ´The Seldom Seen Kid´
12. Why? ´Alopecia´
11. MGMT ´Oracular Spectacular´
10. Jape ´Ritual´
09. Adebisi Shank ´This Is The Album´
08. Deerhunter ´Microcastle´
07. Glasvegas ´Glasvegas´
06. Neon Neon ´Stainless Style´
05. Vampire Weekend ´Vampire Weekend´
04. Foals ´Antidotes´
03. Bon Iver ´For Emma, Forever Ago´
02. Sigur Ros ´Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust´
01. Fleet Foxes ´Fleet Foxes´

Re: EOY-List STATE Ireland

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