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EOY-List GAFFA Denmark


01. Kings Of Leon ´Only By The Night´
02. Fleet Foxes ´Fleet Foxes´
03. Lykke Li ´Youth Novels´
04. Bon Iver ´For Emma, Forever Ago´
05. Vampire Weekend ´Vampire Weekend´
06. Nick Cave ´Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!´
07. Tv On The Radio ´Dear Science´
08. Portishead ´Third´
09. 2562 ´Aerial´
10. Q-Tip ´The Renaissance´
11. The Kills ´Midnight Boom´
12. Raphael Saadiq ´The Way I See It´
13. Sam Amidon ´All Is Well´
14. Cat Power ´Jukebox´
15. Conor Oberst ´Conor Oberst´
16. Robert Forster ´The Evangelist´
17. Okkervil River ´The Stand-Ins´
18. Jenny Lewis ´Acid Tongue´
19. Randy Newman ´Harps And Angels´
20. Slipknot ´All Hope Is Gone´


01. Kings Of Leon ´Sex On Fire´
02. Guns N´Roses ´Chinese Democracy´
03. Lil Wayne ´A Milli´
04. MGMT ´Time To Pretend´
05. Portishead ´Machine Gun´
06. The Cure ´The Only One´
07. Estelle feat. Kanye West ´American Boy´
08. Black Kids ´Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend ...´
09. Martyn ´Natural Selection´
10. Zomby ´Spliff Dub´(Starkey Remix)


01. Choir Of Young Believers ´This Is For The White In Your Eyes´
02. Teitur ´The Singer´
03. Beta Satan ´Girls´
04. Peter Sommer ´Til Rotterne, Til Kragerne, Til Hundene´
05. Spleen United ´Neanderthal´
06. The Wong Boys ´The Wong Boys´
07. Mike Sheridan ´I Syv Sind´
08. Henrik Hall ´Chok, Suk Og Koma´
09. Larsen & Furious Jane ´Zen Sucker´
10. Rumpistol ´Dynamo´


01. Spleen United ´Suburbia´
02. Veto ´You Say Yes, I Say Yes´
03. The Wong Boys ´Git Ur Fuk On´
04. Choir Of Young Believers ´Next Summer´
05. Beta Satan ´666´

Re: EOY-List GAFFA Denmark

Thanks Stefan!

Kings of Leon again!?!

Re: EOY-List GAFFA Denmark

Jeez, it wasn't even as good as Because Of The Times, and I wouldn't put that one on last year's 20 best. I was hoping European lists would show more sense.

Re: EOY-List GAFFA Denmark

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