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Re: Q Magazine EOY 2008

A few bad lists from Q and Blender doesn't make this a bad year. There are dozens and dozens of great albums not on those lists.

Re: Q Magazine EOY 2008

Michael is right. This was not a bad year. It's just that most of the high profile artists disappointed, and those are the albums getting the attention. You've got to look for the good stuff, but it was certainly there.

One tip is to look outside of the UK and US.

Re: Q Magazine EOY 2008

Oops, I meant Mitchell is right.

So is BillAdama, by the way.

Re: Q Magazine EOY 2008

You are right Kevin,

True that Fleet Foxes (EP/LP) + TV are some of the few "grade A" albums of the year. IMO, only Deerhunter and Hercules & Love Affair deserve the same praise. I consider ALL the other 2008 albums as "LIST FILLERS". (maybe I am being a little harsh here... :) ).


Re: Q Magazine EOY 2008

I dont know what you lot are on about... Only by night is fantastic, just because the youth have embraced the band, doesn't mean they aren't making good music. Kings of Leon are ultimately, a band which makes great music and is loved by the public (in the UK). Give Only by Night to me any day over Dear Science. But not Return to....