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Any Spotify users out there?

Is there anyone else on this forum that has started using Spotify lately? I got an invitation a couple of weeks ago to start using there free or commercialy financed streaming service. I get access to a hugh database of music if i can accept a commercial break every half hour. They also have a commercial free service for about 10 euro a month.

What is your opinion?

Mine is that it is still a little thin in what they actually have access to yet. There are quite a lot of artist from whom they have nothing or only parts in compilation records. But there is also artist which they have covered really well. I guess they still have a few labels left to negotiate rights with. However i think it is really an interesting way for me as music lover to get a chanse to listen to artists that i for sure would have missed if i had to by the album or the mp3's. But of cause that is also one of the drawbacks. To be able to listen i have to have internet access and a computer with the downloaded software. I can not download the songs into my portaple player and I do not have the freedom awailable that comes with having bought the album. Since i listen to most of my music in front of a computer anyway i guess i can live with this and only buy the stuff i really love.
I guess Apple will have problems with this way of providing music. I find Spotify to be a very much like a simplified version of iTunes. Except, I do not have to buy my all music files or down load them illigal to build my own library. I have ful access to a hugh library from day one and i can choose if i find it worth while to pay 10 euro a month to get rid of the commercials. If they can get a little better coverage in there database then i am all for this way of providing music and i might also be willing to pay the 10 euros.