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DEERHUNTER - Microcastle

Its been out for a while. Just thought it was worth mentioning to those who are looking for something good and interesting.

They are a very talented band, Kind of a velvet underground for modern times.

I usually listen to an album at least 4 to 5 times before I'll stamp a review. But this one is around
7.5 - 8 /10 upon my first 2 listens. Its really good. check it out.

Re: DEERHUNTER - Microcastle

Yup, their new one is very good. Very underappreciated band.

I still believe The Runners Four is one of the great albums of our time.

Re: DEERHUNTER - Microcastle

Deerhunter, Deerhoof and the Dears all released records within the last month or two. I guess this is the end of music's wolf obcession.

Re: DEERHUNTER - Microcastle

I predict moose next, as the craze has been stirred by Sarah Palin.

Or how about Moose & Squirrel & Palin? That would be a great band name.

Re: DEERHUNTER - Microcastle

haha why didn't anyone correct me? Thanks for being nice. I totally missed the fact that this topic was about Deerhunter, not Deerhoof. So never mind that comment about The Runners Four.