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What's everyone's opinion of muse? their name has popped up here a few times, which is strange for a band that isn't all that high up on AM.

i used to listen to them quite regularly, but i haven't done so in a long time. so long that i haven't bothered putting their music on my computer.

Re: Muse

Muse are what Radiohead would have been if they'd decided to just keep on making THE BENDS over and over again. They're not terrible, but they are to Thom Yorke & Co. what Oasis are to the Beatles.

Re: Muse

Listening to their first 3 albums, I thought Muse had the potential to create something great, but they sounded a little too much like Radiohead did in the 90s. Then they released their 4th album, Black Holes and Revelations, and it blew me away. If you haven't listened to it, give it a go. It has been described as space opera and epic rock theatre that aims for the stars. Some might say it's overblown and silly, but I think it's supremely inventive and I like how ambitious it is.

And Muse's live gigs kick ass like you wouldn't believe it.

Re: Muse

The only Muse album I've heard is supposedly not their best. (Black Holes And Revelations). It was way too melodramatic for me, and it seemed oriented at angsty teenagers.

Re: Muse

I don't care for them all that much as they seem to embody everything bad about 70s prog rock and then pretend to be Radiohead through their lead singer. I can understand their appeal because they're obviously really, really talented. Yet, I often think this talent prevents them from making genuinely enjoyable music. Every once in awhile they click on a song that's relatively fun to listen to (i.e.

Re: Muse

I like the angsty teenagers comment... not long ago, i was one of them. maybe that's why i liked them then and don't think much of them now...