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F*cked Up


The Chemistry of Common Life

What a F*cking great album. It's been well over a month since anything good has popped up, UNTIL NOW.

Upon first listen I was hooked. The shear raw energy that this album feeds on, is unlike anything Ive heard this year. Its powerful, politcal, and holy relevant. F*cked up come on like "Minutemen" doing hardcore "Sonic Youth", while eating some "Tom Waits" pie. If Lester Bangs were alive, Im sure he'd be front row centre at there next concert. This is a band I hope many take notice of. We need more bands like this that are willing to go balls deep, and never let up. FUCK JAY REATARD AND ALL THOSE BULLSHIT EMO BANDS LIKE LINCOLN PARK, ILL SCARLETT, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. There all pussies. This is the was punk rock was meant. Its The Stooges, Its Velvet Underground, Its The Ramones. The only difference, its NEW. So check it out.

Re: F*cked Up

Baught it last week. It was fukin awesome. Love the sound. Like the comparison too sonic youth. Very raw, very hard. Canadian bands rock.

Re: F*cked Up

Hmm, looks like we have 2 Johns on the forum ...

Re: F*cked Up

Found this site a week ago. Was lookin for some Jazz info. Anybody Know them some Jazz?

I can change my name if ya'll want. I'll be john 2, or I'll go by Murray, which is my last name.

Re: F*cked Up

That's up to you, John, which name to use. But since there is already another John, your post was a bit confusing ...

Anyway, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay!

Re: F*cked Up

Thanks bro. Anyone into Jazz?