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My blog : River's Invitation

I've always wanteed to start my own website, but, well, I'm a slow guy.
But now I finally made the big dive and created a blog about music (and sometimes books) both in French and English (every post is written in both languages, but I don't always tell the same things so it's interesting to read if you know both languages)
It is work in progress, I still need to master some technical things like

- creating a better layout (the default templates all suck, so I'll have to customize mine)

- finding a way to insert audio players

- getting those jerks at bloggers to unlock my blog. After 2 days, their machine thought it was a spam blog and locked my blog!

Anyway you can find it here

(if you've got a message instead of the blog page just click on the big red arrow)
it is just a beginning but I hope it will get bigger (even if I don't have much time)

Re: My blog : River's Invitation
Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Bonjour, Nicolas! C'est un blog extraordinaire, je se fais examiner régulièrement ...

Hope that was OK French ?

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Thanks Paul. I'll have a look at it.

And Andre, your first sentence was perfect, but the second one... a little less (I suppose you said you'll come by on a regular basis).

Thank you

Re: My blog : River's Invitation


Re: My blog : River's Invitation

and I forgot to say that comments on our outside the blog are welcome (anyone can comment you don't have to subscribe)

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Congratulations to the blog, nicolas. Looks very good!

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Now the blog is really running with online music
So please pay me a visit every once in a while at
River's Invitation

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Thanks for putting direct links to the mp3's. So many blogs use rapidshare now or sites like that, but I think most people just want to hear the song you're writing about without having to jump through hoops. I'll be looking forward to seeing how the blog progresses! I've always enjoyed your writing style- short, but to the point. I always feel like I know exactly how you feel about a song in a few sentences.

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

This idea of direct mp3 links is Paul's, in fact. I just borrowed that from his blog, which is excellent too.

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

But I second John's statement, that it is very convenient to have direct links.

Just had a look at your blog again and saw your third post. Very nice and enthousiastic start!

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

I have a link up now at my blog. Let me know if you have any questions about stat counters, feeds, or anything else.

The mp3 player is a good thing.

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Thanks Paul

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Félicitations, Nicolas, pour ta page web!
So sorry for the delay of my congrats but I’ve been really busy lately. But I’ve just read your excellent comment about Les Oyseaux and I felt the impulse to write to you. I’m delighted to read the comments written alternately in English and French (excellent idea that these comments are really different and not an exact translation!). Your only mistake was not to emphasize my favourite song from that great first Byrds album, the Clark-penned “Here Without You”.
I loved too the comments about les néo-classiques, or it was the Classics Nouveaux? (just joking, but someone remember that new-romantic band?, I’ve bought in 1981 this single). And these awesome trio of river songs! “River Man”, “Take Me to the River”, “The River”, no less.
By the way, what a fertile forum! And I’m not talking about children, although in this field we're a fertile forum too, with Schwah and his three Schwanettes as our fertility peak right now. A lot of (great) web-pages and blogs are out right now, Stephan's, Paul's, JR's and now yours (sorry if I forgot someone). Henrik, it would be nice to add some links in the main page to these varied and wonderful blogs.
Nic, you can count on me as a frequent visitor of your site, of course…

Re: My blog : River's Invitation

Well, thanks Honorio !
and to everybody, don't hesitate to post comments on the blog too