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The Week That Was

I had to hold off on writing this to give it a few listens but I can now safely say that this is easily my favorite album of this year. They've managed to created something fresh without sounding pretentious and unlistenable and frankly I didn't know if that was possible anymore.

Re: The Week That Was

Thanks for your input, John. Their album was already on my wishlist, but now I'm even more curious

Re: The Week That Was

Outstanding album, great musicians. Look forward everything Brewis and Brewis do.

Re: The Week That Was

Just heard it for the first time, so my first impression, for what it's worth, is already good. The transparent vocals in combination with the melodies keep reminding me of a band from the 80's ... the Fixx. Perhaps less poppy and not using spatial sound effects, what characterizes Rupert Hine's band, but still ... there are similarities. But again, it's only a first impression.

Off to bed now, but definitely need to listen to them more often.

Re: The Week That Was

OK, had a good night sleep and listened a second time. The resemblance with the Fixx doesn't seem so evident anymore ... if, then merely the last track ... hmm, must have been the wine last night

Anyway, good album, need to listen to it some more.

Re: The Week That Was

After having listened to the album 6 or 7 times now, I can second John that it is a great album, worth a spot in the end-of-year top 10 lists.

And the wine last week was fine: They do, at times, have resemblances with the Fixx.