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What is this forum's opinion on said band?

Re: Dragonforce?

I don't have a problem with people masturbating in public, but I would generally choose not to watch as this might be taken as tacit encouragement.

Re: Dragonforce?

i think that people here don't even know this band, eheh, but i know .

first about their style: i think that they are not original at all, but in some parts they sound really original and innovators(really fast drums, nice guitars melodies).

Now about the musicians. The vocalist have some limitations, he sings well, but no very well, maybe the less talented member of the band. Both the guitar players are impressive, but specially Herman Li, he is incredible(his fingers fly in air, he's really, really, really fast). Nice Keyboard, only nice. Now about the drums: one of the fastest drumers in the world nowadays surely. They have already marked the Power Metal history with their Extreme Power Metal sound, and i think that they need to change their sound a little and work more in the melodies.

Sorry for my bad English