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Rate Your Music lists

Hi. I was wondering: How many of us here at the forum (lurkers included) have lists at rateyourmusic.com? I've seen it brought up, but I've never seen more than a couple people offer their lists. I know that there are some individual lists for the album poll, but that's obviously not updated like rateyourmusic is. If you have one, please post it.

This is mine: http://rateyourmusic.com/lists/edit?list_id=145414&rand=0.477844535596

Re: Rate Your Music lists

Sorry, wrong link: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/RodrickRamrod/nathaniels_multigenre_top_100_albums/

Re: Rate Your Music lists

Nope don't have any - but on RYM I'm happy to see 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' now the #1 rated song - it's far superior to the previous #1,Strawberry Fields Forever.