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HOA plaque: Elvis Presley

"The King"
Born January 8, 1935, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
Genre: Rock
Styles: Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Pop, Pop/Rock

ALBUMS: Elvis Presley (120); Elvis (410); Loving You (1505); King Creole (1968); For LP Fans Only (2025); A Date with Elvis (1548).
SONGS: That’s All Right (Mama) (72); Mystery Train (85); Heartbreak Hotel (15); Hound Dog (57); Don’t Be Cruel (92); Jailhouse Rock (203).

CRYSTAL BALL (music that will eventually make his top six)
ALBUMS: Elvis Is Back! (560); Elvis (TV Special (843); From Elvis in Memphis (185).
SONG: Suspicious Minds (66).

All are welcome to post their appreciations of Elvis on this thread.

Re: HOA plaque: Elvis Presley

I haven't always been a big Elvis' fan, but when I saw That's The Way It Is, I learned there's more to the man than tight jumpsuits and greasy hair. It's a magnificent show, and it'll turn every non-believer into a hip-shaking, lip-raising, big hunk o' love for that great entertainer.

Re: HOA plaque: Elvis Presley

I wasn't that into Elvis until I heard the songs from the Sun Sessions. I'm not that into his more radio friendly stuff, but his early singles are just amazing.

Re: HOA plaque: Elvis Presley

Does anybody know what causes the laughing in the laughing version of Are You Lonesome Tonight? Is there something funny going on, or is it the drugs boiling over? If something really is funny, why isn't anybody else laughing? The backing singer lady gives her best without breaking.

I used to think this was Elvis at his worst, which it would have been hadn't it been for the laughter, but now I can't stop smiling while listening to it.

Re: HOA plaque: Elvis Presley

What causes the laughing is the King, apparently bored out of his skull at singing the song for the eleven-billionth time (and probably stoned on top of that), deliberately screwing up the lyrics ("Do you stare at your bald head, and wish you had hair?") and then collapsing into a fit of uncontrollable giggling - the kind of jag where, the harder you try to stop laughing and get back on track, the more impossible it gets. Somehow, the band and the backup singers are able to keep it together even when Elvis yells, "Shake it, baby!" between eruptions. The audience, of course, eats it all up, although I imagine it was considerably more uncomfortable to watch live than it is to simply listen to it.