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Ike dispatch and an apology

Just a heads-up, everyone: the 1966 discussion thread may or may not go up tonight. If not, it'll be tomorrow morning.

Why? Most of you already know this, but: I live in Houston. As you may have heard, this past Saturday, we had a spot of rain. Also a spot of 100-mph wind.

I've been helping out my parents, whose homes are damaged, and on top of that, I really can no longer put off waiting in one of those two-hour-long lines to put gas in my car. Also, I am bone-tired. I've already got the top 50 eligible artists for 1966 calculated; I just need to type them up and post them, but I did want to let y'all know I might not get to it tonight.

About 61% of the city still has no power, and most businesses and all schools remain closed--though, on the upside, my workplace and local pub are both open. Since I have electricity, food and water, dealing with this situation is more inconvenient than dangerous for me. But this town isn't going to be back to normal for at least a few weeks...I'm going to take a stand and say hurricanes really suck. Ike treated my beloved city about the way his namesake treated Tina.

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

Take all the time you need. The fact that you were able to get the results up this morning is pretty amazing.

I find it mind-boggling (but then again, maybe I shouldn't) that our wonderful government seems to be doing almost exactly the same "heckuva job" that it did three years ago ...

Glad to hear things are relatively OK with you. Take care.

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

Were there any headlines along the lines of Ike beats Texas? You hate to make light of the situation but that headline needs to happen!

I'm glad you're doing ok and hope everything gets back to normalcy down there real soon!

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

Nobody's gonna blame you schleuse
thanks for that great job you're doing for HOA
Hope everything will settle soon

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

Apologies for going slightly off-topic, but John's post reminded me about this: when Ike Turner passed away earlier this year, the always-tasteful NEW YORK POST offered this headline: "IKE 'BEATS' TINA TO DEATH". I.e., he died first, so he "beat her to death", geddit?

I mean, talk about "making light", right? They managed to trivialize a person's death AND the issue of domestic violence. And yet, dammit, on some level you can't help but stand in awe of it.

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

Wow. I wouldn't have thought you'd even see that kind of a headline in The Onion!

I was referring to Scheluse's last sentence and maybe thinking that some paper screwed up and printed something like that. That actual headline is crazy, really insensitive and kind of funny all at the same time!

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

Take care of yourself, scheulse!

I have a brother in Miami and an Aunt in the Rio Grande Valley, so I watch the weather during hurricane season closely. I'm sorry Houston got hit this time.

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

after Keith told the press that he's snorted his father's ashes, the New York Post ran "Father Nose Best"

god i love that paper

Re: Ike dispatch and an apology

No need to apologize, schleuse, you are doing an excellent work in HOA (and all the previous games) even in the most adverse situations. From a part of the world (Mediterranean sea) in wich hurricanes and earthquakes simply never happen (well, forest fires and floods sadly yes) I simply can’t think about the ever provisional feeling of the people living in areas with hurricanes happening periodically. I’m really glad to know that you and your family haven’t suffered important damages.