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HOA plaques

OK--no more messing around. I plan to put up the first plaque this weekend (Ike permitting). I had been tearing myself up over an appropriate format, but really, I think I'm just gonna put up basic biographic information, styles, and each artist's "top six" AM discography down to the "present" (I or others can update them later).

Once a plaque is open, it stays that way. Anyone may post an appreciation of the artist. You can repeat what you said on your ballot, or you can say something new--the artist's historical significance, musical accomplishments, album reviews (hola, Honorio!) personal reminiscences, anything. Pictures and YouTube links would be great! (But do try to wait a few more "years" before posting, say, "fat Elvis" pics.) My hope is that each plaque will provide a detailed, fully rounded picture of what makes each artist worthy of their place in the Hall of Acclaim.

THERE WILL BE NO FLAMING ON THE PLAQUES. Period. If you don't like an artist, I invite you find an artist you do like and contribute to their plaque. These plaques are meant to be our appreciations...the way we're honoring these artists. Don't tag 'em with graffiti.

Once I have the first few plaques laid down, I'll create a "plaque room," which will be a thread with links to all plaques.

So here's my proposed format:


"The King"
Born January 8, 1935, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
Genre: Rock
Styles: Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Pop, Pop/Rock
ALBUMS: Elvis Presley [1956], Elvis [1956], Loving You [1957], King Creole [1958], A Date with Elvis [1959], Elvis Is Back! [1960].
SONGS: That's All Right (Mama) [1954], Mystery Train [1955], Heartbreak Hotel [1956], Hound Dog [1956], Don't Be Cruel [1956], Jailhouse Rock [1957].


Top six albums and songs, by the way, are through the current "HOA date" (January 1, 1965, by now). As I said, we can update them later.

So...what does everyone think? As always, I'm open to improvements.

Re: HOA plaques

Definitely not looking to make more work for you schleuse. I think it might be intersting to have the top-x singles and albums as of the year that particular artist was voted-in, and then maybe a top-x of hwat is to come later. We can see then what body of work was deemed HOA-worthy as of the year of voting, and compare the early entrants (like the Beatles, only two years into their recording career) with later entrants (like Louis Armstrong, who was approximately 532 years into his recording career).

Re: HOA plaques

Internet service here is still hit-or-miss, but I've launched plaque #1. I'll put up another one every day or two until we're caught up.

I've adopted Schwah's idea of including each artist's top six albums & songs at induction, and added a "crystal ball" section for those recordings which will eventually make the top six.

Everybody should feel free to post their appreciations of each artist on their plaques. Images and YouTube videos would be great.

No flaming. Seriously. I have lived through a hurricane, and you do not want to mess with me.

Next up: Hank Williams.