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Beatles Survivor: The End....

....which none of us really liked a whole lot as it turns it out! Thanks again to everyone who has voted over the past couple months. It's been fun!

Rank/Survivor Rank/Points
1/2/46 pts: A Day In The Life
2/1/41 pts: Strawberry Fields Forever
3/40/25 pts: I Am the Walrus
4/14/22 pts: Tomorrow Never Knows
5/9/20 pts: Something
6/25/19 pts: Rain
6/4/19 pts: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8/3/18 pts: Here Comes The Sun
9/7/16 pts: In My Life
10/10/14 pts: Eleanor Rigby
10/5/14 pts: Let It Be
12/21/12 pts: Helter Skelter
13/30/11 pts: Dear Prudence
13/45/11 pts: For No One
13/37/11 pts: Ticket To Ride
16/12/10 pts: Happiness is a Warm Gun
16/11/10 pts: Penny Lane
18/13/9 pts: Yesterday
18/26/9 pts: We Can Work It Out
20/19/8 pts: And Your Bird Can Sing

Songs in the Survivor top 20 that fell out of our favorites:

Hey Jude: 4 votes: #6 in Survivor
Norwegian Wood: 1 vote: #8
Here, There and Everywhere: 5 votes:
The End: No votes: #16
Blackbird: 5 votes: #17
Help!: No votes: #19
Revolution: 8 votes: #20

Re: Beatles Survivor: The End....

To be fair, there was one vote that had The End in it but I had to omit it since it voted for 4 songs!

Re: Beatles Survivor: The End....

oups, thought I had more time to vote !
Tomorrow never know would be 3rd and While my Guitar Gently Weeps would be 4th if I did

Re: Beatles Survivor: The End....

Hee hee hee...oops...that was me...I always considered "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight," and "The End" to be one song. Oh well :P I am sad to see that I was the only one who voted for "Hey Jude"

Re: Beatles Survivor: The End....

Good point Daniel. I should have put points instead of votes since Hey Jude had one vote at 4 points.

It would be interesting to have everyone rank every song and then take an average and see how that turns out. But, we didn't get much participation in the early rounds because not everyone knew the whole catalog. People are probably sick of discussing Beatles songs by this point anyway. I'm not, so if enough people are interested I'd do the calculating.

Re: Beatles Survivor: The End....

So we have finally got to the end of Beatles Survivor.
Thanks, John, for creating and conducting this awesome game! It's been for sure one of my favorite ones in this site... I've had a lot of fun, and come to know better much of the Beatles' songs!
I'm specially satisfied for seeing Strawberry Fields win, and for all the gems that have surprisingly achieved the top 20!