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My new CD's

just gut myself a bunch of CD's

david bowie - young americans
glen campbell - glen campbell collection
cream - disraeli gears
mgmt - oracular spectacular
miles davis - bitches brew
prodigy - fat of the land
the specials - s/t
talking heads - more songs about buildings and food

i'm looking forward to listening to them [ :]

Re: My new CD's

good for u ; )

Bitches Brew is amazing and ahead of its time .... needs a few spins though..

regards, Peter

Re: My new CD's

thanks for that pete. that is the most intimidating of the bunch. i will respect your words. i forgot to mention that i also got van morrison - moondance

Re: My new CD's

Did you get the deluxe of Disraeli Gears with the mono version on it?

Re: My new CD's

no, i did not. it was on offer, but i was comparing $35 to $18 so i went with the cheaper option.

in other news, i've had a listen to bitches brew. i didn't think that i would like it. for so many reasons it was intimidating. it had been described to me as "challenging" and since i'm not much into jazz, it's a but unnerving to hear someone say that. not to mention the fact that it's a double album with very intense cover art. seems my fears were unjustified! i was interested from the first notes, and it only got better from there! it flew right past "hey, i like this!" and continued on to "... this is really good!" all the way up to "wow..."

jazz still isn't my thing and it IS an intense and challenging listen, so maybe i won't play it over and over like i might with other music; but despite that, i can appreciate it and i really do like it, so i am happy. best purchase so far

Re: My new CD's

Hm. your selection onn muisc sucks badly. sorryy......

Re: My new CD's

Bitches Brew is one of the greatest albums ever. I also believe it to be miles best work. HELL I NAMED MY KID AFTER MILES DAVIS BECAUSE OF THIS ALBUM.

Young Americnas is good, but its not great. Much prefer his other 80's work.

Disraeli Gears is a good album for those who love the guitar above all else. Has some good songs, but I feel is ultimately overrated. Go buy Derek And The Dominoes, if you're looking for good Clapton.

More Songs about Food and Buildings is a Classic. I love every song, and the album fits somewhere in the 90's of my all time 100. It's Great

Re: My new CD's

You named your kid "Bitch" ???

Re: My new CD's

I named my son after this guy: