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Rock Band

So, in countless threads we've recalled our favorite albums, songs, and even films. But what about video games? Or more specifically, does anyone play Rock Band? I've a bit of a game affectionado myself, but I've been especially addicted to Rock Band for almost a year now. Does anyone else play? Does anyone have particularly strong thoughts for or against the game? Is Bob Dylan a sell out for letting them license "Tangled Up in Blue" for Rock Band 2, or are Led Zeppelin behind the times by not letting them license anything? And of course if anyone here does play on a 360, we should jam online together sometime...

Re: Rock Band

I have the 3 Guitar Hero games on PS2 (finished 1 and 2 on expert and the 3 on hard... can't beat that "cult of personality" solo on expert)
I have the Xbox 360 but Rock Band is shamefully expensive in Europe (220€ for the whole set, more expensive than the xbox itself) so I kinda boycot it, but it is hard to resist... I have tried it with people working in a FNAC (French equivalent of Virgin Megastore) during their break and it was lot of fun.

I used to play to Donkey Konga on gamecube, was great fun too

Re: Rock Band

I've got a couple of Guitar Hero games, but I get tired quite quickly. I'd prefer Football Manager or Grand Theft Auto when it comes to computer games, or rather a game of chess.

Re: Rock Band

I hadn't considered the cost in Europe. I remember hearing about that when it was first released and thinking it sounded ridiculously high. Despite their justifications, it's pretty hard not to look at that and immediately consider "price gouging."

P.S. I love the speed at which this thread has died. Testament to the lack of game players here, perhaps?

Re: Rock Band

I play a lot of games, but purely on my PC and not on console, and no games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. RPG's are my favorites, but I pretty much play any good game that comes out.

Re: Rock Band

I bought Rock Band on Craigs List. Well, actually only the game, mic, and drums, but it was only $60 for all of that. I might buy a guitar but I never really liked Guitar Hero... I'd rather just play a real guitar. But, the drums are really fun... I wish I didn't live in an apartment though so I could play it anytime. Even with silencers it still is too loud after a certain time.

I used to be big into sports games but now I'm kind of sick of them. Portal was an awesome game. That's the kind of game I really love- puzzle based but with some action. I like RPG's but I rarely finish them.

Re: Rock Band

Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather play a real guitar than a fake plastic one.

[the scene: funeral]

"Y'know, Anthony was a great guitar player. He devoted himself to it, and he really knew how to entertain people."


"Y'know, Anthony was great at Guitar Hero. He devoted himself to it, and he could work that plastic switch and those colored buttons like a pro."

Re: Rock Band

Rock Band is just a great party game. Don't own it myself, but it's fun to gather with friends to play it. Too bad most of my friends don't share my taste in music (no, I don't enjoy "Wanted Dead or Alive").

Re: Rock Band

"Real guitars are for old people."

Re: Rock Band

Anthony-The debate over playing a rock band/guitar hero guitar versus a real one seems to eternally rage at the games' forums. I don't doubt that for someone who plays the real guitar, playing a fake plastic one really is only a cheap imitation, but the intent never was to substitute for a real guitar, but more to provide a sense of illusion for the player and perhaps get the player to come closer to picking up a real guitar.

That said, I flat-out don't play guitar because it doesn't improve my real-life guitar playing. On the other hand, the drums do increase my accuracy, speed, and help me practice my fills (despite feeling slightly different than actual drums). And though I don't claim to be a good singer, Rock Band has definitely boosted my karaoke confidence and has allowed me to fine-tune my awareness of my pitch.

The point is that no matter the instrument, the game is not meant to be a tutorial. How many people play DDR to improve their dancing ability? As a game, I think it is successful and has the potential to improve certain skills you might use while playing the actual instrument. But as a substitute for the real thing, you're right, it doesn't come close. But then again, for someone like me, who doesn't have the time, space, or the money for an actual drum set, it comes close enough.

John-If you liked Portal you'll like Braid. It is precisely what you define as your favorite type of game (it's mine, too), and it's only $15 on the 360. I should warn you, though, it is awfully short (only a few hours with little to no replay value), but IMO worth the money.

Re: Rock Band

I played the demo of Braid and kind of liked it but I don't get the big hype. One of these days when I'm bored I'll probably get it but 15 dollars is a lot of money for a 3 hour game. The music is really cool though.

Re: Rock Band

Funny stuff. "You know where loyalty gets you in a game like Guitar Hero? Nowheres."

And I'm totally that guy with the 'stache and the Les Paul.

Re: Rock Band

it's just a fun game. even if it does nothing for your (real) guitar playing ability, it's still great fun, and it's only as much a waste of time as other video games. not saying that all video games are a waste of time. having fun is important.