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changing tastes

"Much too saccharine and doesn't offer much in the way of a memorable melody."

No way that anyone here would remember, but that was my comment for "Wichita Lineman" during Bracketology.

Holy fuck, what was I thinking.

It's become one of my favorite songs over the past few months. And don't even get me started on "Galveston" because that one's even better than "Lineman". I re-read everyone's comments and a few of you really knew what you were talking about. It's just taken me a while to get there too. I guess that's what music appreciation is about though.

Re: changing tastes

You've got a lot of potential for a young guy, Anthony.

Re: changing tastes

Yeah I had a few of those during Bracketology. Examples I can think of:

The Kinks-Waterloo Sunset
Glen Campbell-Wichita Lineman
(Although I didn't hate either of them,they both became all-time favourites)
Oasis-Live Forever
And maybe even:
The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

Yeah,there's been a few songs I've spent years indifferent to them,but then came to love them...

Re: changing tastes


wow! thanks anthony! amazing song! really really good! ... i really should have participated in bracketology :(

Re: changing tastes

Inspired by Anthony I had a look at my bracketology comments, and some seem very harsh in retrospect. For Wichita Lineman I commented "Yawn..?", but it's actually quite good. I haven't changed my mind on many other songs, although some Beatles songs have become better and some have started to sound worse.

Re: changing tastes

I remember really disliking IN THE AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA when I last heard (probably in my early 20s). Am now listening to ON AVERY ISLAND and finding myself thinking it's not bad so I'll probably be revisiting IN THE AEROPLANE.. soon.

Re: changing tastes

all I remember is that AM plus its coupled critics lists made me believe (add manipulate, if you like) in the worthiness of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". For Woyzeck's sake, I really (did) adore their stuff (esp. Transmission, Atrocity Exhibition, Insight or Velvet Underground scholars like Atmosphere)... but wasting a single copy, paste & sing-along-to trademarked Brain Cell for some stupid Jim-Morrison-mocks-The-Captain-And-Tennille-stuff like that took at least a whole and forceful website like this... hence I'm grateful after all for... yeah, for what, actually. (sigh)..well, I don't know.. I just don't know... I'm aging. yet. I like ducks..

Re: changing tastes

heh. just picked up glen campbell compilation ($7! thanks anthony for this thread :p)

Re: changing tastes

No prob, Moeboid. (I wasn't as fortunate -- two Glen Campbell discs came to just over $40.)

And Midaso, iirc, you came around quite early on "Live Forever" -- not too long after Bracketology, right? Still, I have to tip my hat to that.