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Missus Netjade

To not derail too much the thread of our friends who always vote for the same things, go ahead. Offer any sensible challenge you like. Post a post of yours you'd wish me to translate word-by-word, for starters. The most challenging, nerve-wracking one. Go on, just for kicks. If you're beyond my ken, I'll submit to your vastly superior twice-my-age-and-a-little-bit-more-too intellect. If not, perhaps you'll consider foregoing the assertion of your superiority over me, maybe slap the desire around a little bit, and offer any other challenges you like.

Don't dismiss me just because of that gut feeling you have; I'm sick up to here of those.

So go ahead. Post something so full of pop culture references and made-up words that it's sadistic. Try me.

Re: Missus Netjade

God! Please!

Re: Missus Netjade

I can't stand the fundamentals of human interaction. Assertion/deference and observance of false steps are a mind-numbing waste.

Netjade, show me you're intellectual enough to give me a chance, instead of liking me a little bit at first insofar as you would feel ashamed afterwards that I felt you were more fun than others here.

Or I suppose operate by the same silly backwater principles as most. As worthy of faux pas to me as I am to you.

And, we both like Bessie and Mamie (do you like Ma Rainey too?). C'mon. Be my brick wall that has a tiny chance to turn into a kindred spirit.

Re: Missus Netjade

And realize perhaps I'm not without hope limited to the reflexive mediocrity you ascribe to me; not if I can help it.

Re: Missus Netjade

Also, no. I don't watch porn. You assumed wrong; I suppose you were being serious about it; you stereotype me too much.

Re: Missus Netjade

Since you're offering translation and seem to be very bored, how about this topic? I didn't follow any of that.

Re: Missus Netjade

The only thing I was able to decipher in that thread was a single post comprised of references to the relationship of the robot couple in WALL-E. Other than that, I'm at as much of a loss as ... everyone in the world, I would guess.

Re: Missus Netjade

Absolutely, Sir Stephan, I'll translate; give me a bit of time, and I'll post all the posts of there in here.

Re: Missus Netjade

Yeah, I got some of that as well, but I haven't seen the film yet, which is probably not exactly helpful. Looking forward to seeing it in 1-2 weeks though.

Re: Missus Netjade

Remember, though, this is like translating Goethe: sometimes you don't figure out exactly what he's saying. I suppose it was a risk I had to take.

Plain English then.

Netjade's Post #1:

Is there anyone alike you in musical tastes here to the extent that you'd let them listen to your collection of records?

With so much discussion having been undergone on these forums, in the form of many opinions, recommendations, and detailed polls, including songs, singles and albums, from the very beginning of Acclaimed Music, have you ever thought of someone here that would enjoy your own little "mess" of music that you deem to be good?
As for me, for that, I'd like to single out old visitors such as Snusmumrik, Dumbangel, Moonbeam, Tremolo, Damosuzuki, Sonofsamiam, Pomtidom, Mitchell Stirling and Harold Wexler; and so, through my liking of them, I keep my faith in the most interesting and enduring part of human relationships, namely the fact that you can meet people that you can share your experiences with - but what about newer visitors like the inquisitive Moeboid and the highly eager (so much that you could say he is alike steam, always active) Schleuse?

So vote for whom you would choose.

Netjade's Post #2:

I forgot to single out Honorio, our Spanish pop fan.

Netjade's Post #3:

I suppose I'm reviving an old thread like Greg Rumpff does...

By the way, I'd like to add Stammer to my list.

(And, apart from that, I'm keeping touch of what is going on here by letting you know that I love to watch and notice every single bit of information and opinion, any contribution posted here in fact, even if it sometimes take me a little while to catch up, and even if sometimes I have to disagree completely with what I happen to read. (you know what I mean, Dumbangel)

Anyway, to paraphrase our familiar pleasant presence on this forum, Stephan: keep keeping track of music, strangers that I get along with well. Here I go now.

Netjade's Post #4:

Thank you for your compliments, Moonbeam and Snusmumrik. If I were to rank each person here for the threads they have made, you would be at the top, and significantly above others. Your individuality, in the music that you listen to and choose, has always inspired me.

Others that have inspired me, who almost reach your level, are Georgie, Maurer and his movie lists, and Nicolas so long as we are discussing his tastes prior to 1978 (because we diverge a bit after that year).

And that slightly mysterious poster that amuses me a bit, Mismaiome. (I see you change your name a lot, and that you imitate me a bit. Here is a name suggestion for you: Miss Bessindavelviofish, as it is a combination of various names that you seem to have used.)

Netjade's Post #5:

By the way, Schleuse. Earlier you joked about my usage of the word "steamy", and said you should keep your wife away from this forum because I have called you so. Hehe, I actually meant it in a tame sense; "steamy" as in Mad Professor-like steamy.

My Posts, #1:

I feel a bit uncomfortable for not having posted much or paid much attention to what was written in these forums a while ago; a bit uncomfortable for being, as such, a stranger to these parts, or perceived as such by those that have posted longer. Also, updating this thread with your new observations must feel a bit odd. Changing the past is the worst!

Netjade's Post #6:

If only it wouldn't feel so somewhat forced.

My Posts, #2:

Also, when you suggested which name I should use, you incorporated a bit of name from someone who wasn't me.

I'll resume in a little bit.

Re: Missus Netjade

um, please don't trouble yourself

Re: Missus Netjade

(it's you again.... is there still a problem with the earth's gravitational pull??)

go to bed, kid. i'm overrated.

Re: Missus Netjade

I sleep at day anyway.

Certainly the posts translated below rather defy translation; but reading enough poetry makes everything seem generalized. Your words have no existence, Netjade, their meanings lie in their sounds - and misinterpretation is ripe in ambiguous poetry even when the words are simple. But here's what I say you said, together with the more exact insights into what I said. Sometimes I paraphrase entirely, and sometimes I don't.

Netjade's Post #7:

Hmm, I sense the characteristics of a certain reborn feeling. Plus a pleasant addition to it: I'm going to be seeing the likes of Javier Bardem, my 2 year old daughter, Billy Wilder, and narcotics.

My Posts, #3:

No way. It seems like a lot of work to properly combine the four.

Netjade's Post #8:

It's nice to see you being ambiguous after all, Mismaiome. (??? incomplete translation for the rest of the paragraph - certainly, getting it wrong would be too much bad - is it about something cute?)

My Posts, #4:

You sound happy, but maybe like you could have a bad mood any moment - so yeah, you should go ahead and try to have fun.

My Posts, #5:

And not wait too long for it either.

Netjade's Post #9:

Addiction is crawling through my senses. I'll follow its course after all, weird boy. That reborn feeling of mine is a bit dark, but quite bright. Kisses to you.

My Posts, #6:

I followed a feeling like that, that cropped up for me lately, to my own perplexion - it didn't go so well. Talk to you some other time then; feel comfortable and try not to have bad thoughts - try to have only read-only memory. And poke your nose for no reason, just because it's silly.

Netjade's Post #10:

Your last post reminded me of WALL-E, with its reference to computer memory.

My Posts, #7:

Yes, but you must have posted it for some other reason.

Netjade's Post #11:

Not quite.

My Posts, #8:

When I'm in a bad mood, for some reason I attempt to get as angry as I can, so it can pass faster. I wish there was an afterlife, other than the dullness of being dead.

My Posts, #9:

I suppose, though, your WALL-E post was for the purpose of referencing the certain mood inferred in it; yeah, I feel it a lot too!

My Posts, #10:

Darn, this head is useless; like a box with eyelids glued on. I wonder what it's supposed to have in.

Netjade's Post #12:

Eyelids? And infinity kisses your cheeks! I'm in a mood of deep sensations.

Netjade's Post #13:

Mhm. Focus, you. I'm still feeling them, the sensations; as though I'm merging into everything, and that includes you.

My Posts, #11:

Oh, your stare! Someone help!

Netjade's Post #14:

Porn does not help you anymore! Instead, you're facing an old, but fancy Moules et Frits! (unexplainable non-sequitur funny only to deranged people?)

My Posts, #12:

Hahahaha... That's hilarious.

Netjade's Post #15:

Yes, I'm like a radar to such happenings - I detect it all.

My Posts, #13:

Radio Detection And Ranging! Well, how do your radio waves reach me?

My Posts, #14:

And I haven't been faced with such situations - for a long time! Does it still count? Is it only the first step - the first occurrence - that matters?

My Posts, #15:

Good night Netjade.

My Posts, #16:

I suppose I'm being very easy to understand. I should speak in phrases rather than in short bursts.

My Posts, #17:

Time to make a random post devoid of meaning. Err... There was a comma between "Javier Bardem" and "my 2 year old daughter" - could they be one and the same? As though you were saying, "Javier Bardem, my 2 year old daughter"... That would be awesome!

Netjade's Post #16:

No, that would be extremely awesome!

Netjade's Post #17:

Good record, Moonbeam! Oh, and what a pile of chat junk! This has been such pointless talk. I suppose I'm in a worse mood now.

My Posts, #18:

Surely this old Le Tigre song can cheer you up.

My Posts, #19:

Perhaps this happens a lot? Bad moods? The bad mood winds? Don't narcotics make them yield?

Netjade's Post #18:

Narcotics, earthling? I'm calling you an earthling because that's what I call people who seem a bit "down-to-earth" in a dull sense. Our conversation is like golf, and this time you've really not put the ball in right - I feel offended by the insinuation that I feel from you. I wonder why the rest of folks like you are so obsessed with them - the narcotics. They completely change your perception and who you are, don't they?? (At least, that's what you people seem to think.) Because all I am detecting in them now is pleasure mixed with high blood pressure.

(I'm sorry to everyone else for this boring, long-winded talk.)

Netjade's Posts #19:

I'm sorry, earthling. You're still better than trivial scum like Slush, but you're getting worse by the minute.

My Posts, #20:

I'm sorry you've reacted negatively to my question, but you are confusing my attitudes with those of someone else.

My Posts, #21:

It's the core of the issue again. Angel dust is not angelic enough. But I'm interpreted - as though someone were examining me with an old astronomical instrument - wrongly. Perhaps you could have an attitude beyond typicality again? At least that's what the midgets on my brain say - old Spanish midgets, with contraptions in my head, churning out endless paper of thoughts - I hint here that perhaps they teach me wrongly, wherein they examine attitudes. But still, I did not mean it as "can earpicks fix music?" - and rather meant "can earpicks fix earwax?". I was asking you if you feel better, not if you feel worse. Whatever; if you misunderstand me, I suppose it's not my fault. I've said nothing unfavorable, so will you please not be annoyed with me?

My Posts, #22:

As for the long-windedness, I suppose this conversation wasn't that great; but then again, I take little care in what I write, and don't quite mind it. Netjade, you wild cat, if you mind our nonsensical conversation because of how it comes across to other posters, well, I don't think you should. Caring about that is sillier than not caring. It seems, I say a lot of nonsense, mites and motes. And the more relevant things I have to say are easily mixed with them. But I am not particularly deterred; and I seem to step somewhat over people who don't enjoy my wacky moments. Perhaps instead we should continue to have strange conversations, for the charm of their ambiguity, instead of talking normally.

Re: Missus Netjade

wanne yummy wimmee??

Re: Missus Netjade

it's like watching my boy chewing on one of his yaw strings... the more he gnaws, the more he brawls - - - jeezus - .. (shriekshriek) whoawllookouutt, The next unexpected supervillain is on the cusp ...

HHelp. ..please....., please don't make me
(distant sounds... lawnmowers... bulb-typed allocators... sprinkler nozzles... barf... barf..) ((sile)) look ((ants))


Re: Missus Netjade

it's like facing death... you're terrified, but you don't want to miss a bit of it.. so
do you favour nephrite legged scissors underneath your jaws, prince reapea...?

Re: Missus Netjade

Netjade, you wild cat.....

any canaries around here lately, JERK ? - -

Re: Missus Netjade

Netjade's Posts #20:

Wanna yummy with me?

Netjade's Posts #21:

Reading your posts is like watching my pet chew on one of his strings - the more he gnaws, the more irritated he gets. Jesus. Wow, look out. You'll get so bad you'll be the next unexpected supervillain.

Please don't make me have to do something. To fix you, I'd have to get lawnmowers, apparatuses for introducing metaphorical lightbulbs a la archetypal eureka ones, and sprinklers, and I'd still feel ill.


Netjade's Posts #22:

Talking to you is like when you face death; you're terrified, but you don't want to miss out on it and not pay attention. So, do you like scissors with jade handles underneath your jaws, Prince Reap Pea?

Netjade's Posts #23:

Calling someone twice your age a wild cat isn't particularly the best idea you could have; the connotations of reference to animals - what can you do about them, eh?

And so, jerk - supposing I was a wild cat, perhaps that would make you a canary?

Re: Missus Netjade

j)onz replies..

(in case someone dares to disagree,) deprivation provides much more anger, poweerrr and electriciszzzmmmm to MEEE!!!
i'm invincible in three days after rights of disposal are... rhhoaaaa.. disposed.. to... roaaarrr...

save Christian Bale for christmaseve. I don't deserve, and understand his brain jelly electroliciousimfashizzisimmizzismammumisszzimnutgraingrawwbraww anyway...

. ok..?

Re: Missus Netjade

giiipe... that translation will throw me dwell into the jelly...

Re: Missus Netjade

... good record... at last/I puff another g.y.john through my big breasted giblets before the morning comes...

Re: Missus Netjade

Oh? Finger zapping of the overhanging snot that's time - chak chak chak! - and even then, even so! you seem to have your life this time more or less shared, with the everafter lullaby-less nosehair-suffusion - and Santa concurring - you admire, pelican bling flippers and a car door handle to keep company, glued to the doorknob you wanted to give you dirty names you'd tell to all your friends, performing pataphysical cork-pulls just so you'd get a wink from the elevator's mechanical underpants - you know a good elevator when you know him, unless it talks with an accent that bongos your mind to attempted celibacy. Forget it, sir. Snail-raping cockroaches couldn't do you right with an amputee carpet, hand-fisted into admitting it was a glass of water, lost and trust off from its marbles; and through accidental baking no less, not that your soul can flex that much, friend or no friend. I spit on your washing machine's smoky nipples, like some Barbie, cubic love tractor except for the diet, installed without the slightest plug-indicating non-constipated countenance of the highest surplus dialectical manhole, better than a daddy with five hamsters on a Chinese jet, when even your ceiling follows you around without ending, at last, after 6 years in the ghetto, as a real man would, in a glorious metastasis, crybaby finale for the ages and the flush, in the glorious trumpets of the toilet seat that knows you better than you want anyone in the world to admit. Even 3 year olds have better-paid actual middle-life crises, without the cheats, having no allegiance towards any fallacy that does not include bribing the women in their 50's, all fast, seeking autographs from the horse who got divorce from a brickless rock that was very horny and not a virgin; how does the world come to such. Your lapidary musta had a hook instead of a telencephalon. Your box of cereals, this cruel world would say, if it had a strongly-built evasive plan of action, knew nothing under torture, not even the wisdom of an established amphiarchy; it were a travesty, a transexuality, and a subteroligaudiobiblefratermaniaripariapedlocution. I baffle such smells with a single throb against a wall in shackles, sir. And I salute you and your half-fished foreverittybittycense. Gooh!

Re: Missus Netjade

You two should get a room. I think?

Re: Missus Netjade

Netjade's Posts #24:

On a different note, being deprived of certain things I want grants me anger, power, and electrifies me. As such, I'm invincible in three days after something that I want becomes available to me, at which point I can wait no longer. But I'm not going to watch The Dark Knight until Christmas Eve; I don't deserve the outward image of Christian Bale's mind.

Netjade's Posts #25:

The translation of the post above will certainly be so bad that, for me, it'll be like falling into jelly.

Netjade's Posts #26:

So far, so good... At last I have outwitted another Joe before the coming of the morning.

Re: Missus Netjade


I don't deserve the outward image of Christian Bale's mind, and already understand him anyway.

Re: Missus Netjade

yo henrik, lock this shit

Re: Missus Netjade

I can't believe I alone summoned this. jealous, Greg?

no, really, I'm afraid, Henrik is powerless. He possibly can lock this thread, but for any shutdown that kiran/sindervelvin/neenoomismeeanytime or whateverhisnameis will show up in two other ones and his verbal brawls will rise and rise... for that he feels (yet unnecessarily so) ignored and rejected by the grown up world out there, no matter how many Boredoms and Stockhausen records he'll place in his lists (and all I'd like to teach him are some smurks and lots of self, because he IS already here)... too bad, too bad..

Re: Missus Netjade

Greg, at least all junk posts have been posted in the same thread during the last couple of days. That's why I haven't taken any action here.

Re: Missus Netjade

that's no junk, Henrik. it's a verrryy juvenile call for attention. and I somehow feel responsible for this marauding wunderkind...

Re: Missus Netjade

just because I'm stuck to his geek DNS, I guess... we both would have had fantastic dreams to share if we only knew each other.. ..

Re: Missus Netjade

haha. jealous. yes.

Re: Missus Netjade

Re: Missus Netjade


Re: Missus Netjade

Very mature of you.

Well, enjoy your insightful age, Netjade. I suppose living is a passive activity; stick around long enough and you can't help it from happening.

I'll just go and rise to whatever standards you claim to have achieved. Follow the moments of clarity where what's wrong's apparent and that all that.

You should try it too. "It's a juvenile call for attention" is one of those mind-numbing generic I'll show how perceptive a generalist I am - or rather, you should remember this thread exists (it didn't come out of nowhere) because you insulted me by comparing my presence with a poo-machine. (Again, deep of you.) Well, thanks. I'm sure you're a much more useful presence, inspiring "what the fook?" moments in others to no avail (someone would even think you're a fun person) before you show your prejudice-ridden true colors. Yeah, I bet picking on kids must make you feel mighty fine. You'd make Professor Longhair proud.

I'm not the other kid who posted his list. I had not heard X-Ray Spex when I was his age (which was, rather, the whole point of my filibustery). Luckily, I'm in an ever-overshadowing middle-age crisis - though 15 years and all (so enjoy your own if it hasn't arrived yet in full force).

Henrik, I'm sorry I've annoyed you too. I've always liked you a lot, and certainly appreciate the amount of effort you've put into the site. But this ain't crap; not moreso than what is usually posted around these parts. I can only take so many mentions of Elvis before I point out he's Charlie Rich marketing.

All they do is talk about the music they've listened to, whilst ignoring everyone else, or acting like Netjade here - mocking others and feeling all superior because Random Poster hasn't listened to that New Orleans boxset found in plain sight (which, by the way, I love - I bet I've heard - and can appreciate - just about anything you name, and am in the process of stumbling on the rest (and if you don't believe me, try me)). I suppose this place is based on ever-propagating pop culture delusions anyway.

But fine. Your system sucks. You place rock albums in competition with jazz ones in a "if jazz albums aren't voted for in specifically rock-oriented lists, it means they're not acclaimed" manner, and give a #1 black music album as much weight as a regular #1 - that's plain laziness. I could easily fix the issues for you, together with going through all those 14000 bubbling-under-the-bubbling-under songs and making them possible for you to add to your database - but I suppose there's no way in hell of that happening, considering this post is currently in the process of annoying you, and so I have to resort to making my own site instead. Where, thankfully, "Get Ur Freak On" won't be #59. #59, that's enormous... Even "Minnie The Moocher" - an actual acclaim-worthy song, is barely on #879. I don't want to live in a world where an acclaim site lists the former over the latter. Just no. Got to fix that.

The main difficulty'd lie in putting songs in Excel lists (though I'm probably more stubborn and resilient than you, with my fresh energy and all), unless I make an algorithm that can directly read lists according to built-in equivalence of words (an "intelligent" slightly-adaptable-so-it-can-be-up-to-the-task text processor, i.e. not get confused by the artist name being on the right instead of the left...), with manual corrections done by me.

So you know what? I love your site. And I love you too. But I won't accept you calling me junk.

And so, if you folks get to look at me and pick out reasons from out of your Hat o' Reasons for why you can dismiss me (even when I try to dumb myself down for you, but not delving into anything vaguely esoteric) for why you can decide I'm pathetic - here's looking at you, Netjade - so you can rid yourselves of any discomfort my presence may cause you, well... I can do the same for you. I know why you don't like me, and I couldn't care less. If I piss you off, all the better. And if I'm flawed; well, alrighty. I've time to fix those flaws (and no, being annoyed by how You start from highly idiotic premises isn't a flaw I'd like to fix anytime soon). I only get more ravenous.

And Greg, go play with yourself. That's more your speed.

Cheap human assertion/deference. Big waste of time.

And Foucault still sucks the big one.

Now, gonna hear every song listed on Wikipedia so I can be - for now - the Complete Human Being. And then, to hear as much of the entire recorded works of humanity as is currently feasible.

See ya.

Re: Missus Netjade

Goodness gracious! There's room enough on this site for everyone, mismaiome! I don't think there is the element of snobbery and self-aggrandizing that you allude to, at least not for the most part. If there was, I certainly wouldn't be here! I can only speak for myself, but I certainly get a lot out of your contributions, netjade's contributions, and every one of the other great AMer's contributions to this site. If you decide to set sail from AM, you'll be missed!

I do, however, think it is a bit harsh for you to tell Henrik that his system sucks. I'm sure that like the rest of us, you've learned a lot from this site, and your presence on the forum means that is important enough to you to visit fairly regularly. The fact of the matter is that there is not one "correct" formula to rank albums, songs and artists. However, this site is the best one that I've seen around, and if you're honest, I'd venture that you'd agree.

I wish you well and hope that you'll stay, but take care if you decide to venture off for good.

Re: Missus Netjade

This forum must be the most egotistical ever - just trust what Henrik has calculated and don't try and think of some other bloody way of doing it

Re: Missus Netjade

Watch it!

Re: Missus Netjade

Marty, if you've been around a while you would appreciate things. Lists and calculations and all seem top notch to me.

And if you don't trust it...well, it's the best we have! It's the bloody critics you should go after!

Re: Missus Netjade

"...I'll just go and rise to whatever standards you claim to have achieved. Follow the moments of clarity where what's wrong's apparent and that all that.

You should try it too. "It's a juvenile call for attention" is one of those mind-numbing generic I'll show how perceptive a generalist I am - or rather, you should remember this thread exists (it didn't come out of nowhere) because you insulted me by comparing my presence with a poo-machine. (Again, deep of you.) Well, thanks. I'm sure you're a much more useful presence, inspiring "what the fook?" moments in others to no avail (someone would even think you're a fun person) before you show your prejudice-ridden true colors. Yeah, I bet picking on kids must make you feel mighty fine. You'd make Professor Longhair proud.

now what differs self pity from a human tragedy?
dead ends, possibly. or at least a last reply, I guess. no really, I'm speechless after all.
now tell me, sinder, where's actually all that misconception from?? because it's definitely not from here. just like Moonbeam said, you and your insights WERE and still ARE appreciated (well, Greg aside..) in this place, and I would've gladly joined the discussions about your sometimes really gorgeous points of view towards pop music - if I wouldn't've felt so harassed or mocked each time I had responded to your threads or posts... and it simply doesn't help to turn me into a stalkeresque object of nemesis/interest after all.
and I guess Henrik is with me and does distance himself from the "junk accusations", when I tell you that you're still a welcome part of this Ysesque geek temple whenever you hit our all outmost object of desire and no ad hominems themselves. because it echoes music, music, music in these halls after all...

hugs (and no self indulgence, no sarcasm intended!), missus nj