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Cold War Kids

In my opinion...

There is something seriously wrong with the system if Cold War Kids album Robbers and Cowards cannot make it into the Top 50 list of 2006, let alone the Top 10 like it deserves.

Here we have a complete band with a great fresh sound, great lyrics and enough catchiness to attract the teens and enough inventiveness to attract the critics. I'm not sure why they haven't been recognised yet???

Re: Cold War Kids

I don't see how it's fresh, it's not mundane but it's certainly not cutting edge. Even though it has some interesting things working for it it just doesn't sound all that different.

Re: Cold War Kids

I think We Used to Vacation deserves a place in the top 3000, great song with interesting sounds and good interpretations on a difficult theme.
However, I don't like the other songs much, too repetitive and empty of emotions.

Re: Cold War Kids

The revolution! The revolution!