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Matthew Ingram/Woebot's Top 100 Records Ever

A Wire contributor's list from 2005. I've never even heard of about 1/3 of this list, which is kinda cool (and expected given the source). Includes albums, singles and EPs.

100. Riuichui Sakamoto: Riot in Lagos
99. AR Kane: Lollita
98. Robert Johnson: King of The Delta Blues Singers
97. Big Black: Songs about Fucking
96. The Young Gods: The Young Gods
95. Riko: Chosen One
94. Position Normal: Stop Your Nonsense
93. The Normal: Warm Leatherette
92. Flourgon and Ninjaman: Zig It Up
91. A Certain Ratio: Flight
90. Cheb Khaled: Hada Raykoum
89. Metalheadz: Angel
88. Mark Stewart and The Maffia: Learning to cope with cowardice
87. Ambassadeurs: Mandjou
86. Virgo: Virgo
85. Egyptian Lover: And My Beat Goes Boom
84. Thomas Leer: 4 Movements
83: Derrick Laro and Trinity: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
82. Ruff Sqwad: Jam Pie
81. Renegade Legion: Torsion
80. Nearly God: Poems
79. Joni Mitchell: Blue
78. Manuel Gottsching: E2-E4
77. Tibetan Buddhism Tantras of Gyotu: Makhala
76. Slint: Spiderland
75. Thelonious Monk: Genius of Modern Music
74. New Horizons: Scrap Iron Dubs
73. Scientist: The Bee
72. Steve Reich: Six Pianos
71. Diamond and The Psychotic Neurotics: Stunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop
70. VA: Rare Groove
69. Liquid Liquid: Cavern
68. Roy Harper: Stormcock
67. Fela Kuti: Roforofo Fight
66. Les Vampyrettes: Biomutanten
65. Tortoise: Tortoise
64. Herbie Hancock: Sextant
63. Prince Dirty Mind
62. Don Cherry: Mu Part Two
61. Centrafrique: Musique Gbaya
60. Forrrce: Keep on Dubbing
59. John Coltrane: Giant Steps
58. Steve Poindexter: Chaotic Nation
57. Acen: Trip II The Moon
56. Popol Vuh: Hosianna Mantra
55. Rammelzee & K.Rob: Beat Bop
54. Hector Zazou: La Pervisita
53. Afrika Bambaata: Death Mix Throwdown
52. LFO: Frequencies
51. Just-Ice: Cold Getting' Dumb
50. Tom Jobim: Matita Pere
49. Pablove Black Bagga and The All Stars: After Christmas
48. The Black Dog: Vir2L
47. Wailing Souls: Wailing Souls
46. Minutemen: Paranoid Time
45. The Cosmic Jokers: The Cosmic Jokers
44. Toussaint: Toussaint
43. Thomas Leer: Private Plane
42. Tim Buckley: Blue Afternoon
41. The Associates: Fourth Drawer Down
40. King Sunny Ade: The Message
39. Brigette Fontaine: Comme A La Radio
38. The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground
37. Sivakumar Sarma: Santur
36. Randy Newman: 12 Songs
35. Terry Riley: Rainbow in Curved Air.
34. Underground Resistance: Sonic EP
33. Indian Ocean: Treehouse/Schoolbell
32. Suicide: Suicide
31. Total: What About Us
30. Byrne and Eno: My Life In The Bush of Ghosts
29. Upsetters: Blackboard Jungle Dub.
28. Monoton: Montonprodukt07
27. iMPLOG: Holland Tunnel Dive
26. Scott Walker: Scott 4
25 Milton Nascimento Clube Da Esquina
24. The JBs: Food For Thought
23. Led Zeppellin: IV
22. Vivien Goldman: Dirty Washing
21. Rhythim is Rhythim: The Beginning
20. Burning Spear: Burning Spear
19. Marvellous Caine: Hitman
18. Alexander Spence: Oar
17. Neu!: 75
16. Sun Ra: Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
15. Miles Davis: On The Corner
14. Edu Lobo: Missa Breva
13. My Bloody Valentine: You Made Me Realise EP
12. John Cale: Paris 1919
11. Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
10. Captain Beefheart: Safe As Milk
9. Vashti Bunyan: Just A Diamond Day
8. Bernard Parmegiani: De Natura Sonorum
7. The Ragga Twins: Reggae Owes Me Money
6. Kraftwerk: Computer World
5. The Beatles: The Beatles
4. The Meters: Look Ka Py Py
3. Arthur Russell: World of Echo
2. Can: Tago Mago
1. Pere Ubu: The Modern Dance

or a more readable version:

Re: Matthew Ingram/Woebot's Top 100 Records Ever

Late response but...thanks Jeff!

Re: Matthew Ingram/Woebot's Top 100 Records Ever

Since it influences your formula, Matthew Ingram seems to be from the US.

Re: Matthew Ingram/Woebot's Top 100 Records Ever

Jeff, it feels like your post was a response to the work I just did on my computer...where I just wrote down that he's from the UK (since you said he's a Wire contributor). But of course he could still be an American. Thanks for letting me know.

Re: Matthew Ingram/Woebot's Top 100 Records Ever

I believe he is from the UK!

Charrrrrrming English accent