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Holidays in Barcelona

To Honorio and spanish people of this forum :
I need your help
From August 1st to 10th, I'm gonna go to Barcelona for my holidays. It's the first time in my life that I go to Spain so I can't wait to be there !
Barcelona must be such a large city with certainly thousands of interesting places to visit, that's why I need help from you guys to recommand me 3 or 4 things I absolutely must see.
And for the evenings, can you recommand me some good bars or clubs where I can have a drink while listening to some good music.
And as usual, everywhere I go outside France, I need to purchase cds. What are the good music stores in Barcelona ?
Thank you.

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

Hey, dumbangel, so sorry that I have not enough time to meditate the answer to your question. Tomorrow I will go on holidays and I will come back the same day you go, on 1 August. I’m not an expert in Barcelona, although I must say that my favourite of the Spanish cities (although the people there don’t consider themselves as “Spanish”, but this is another whole question).
Places you must see:
- The wonderful modernist architecture of Gaudí, specially the unfinished but spectacular Sagrada Familia, but also the Parc Güell and La Pedrera.
- You must take a walk through Les Rambles, the Place of Catalunya and the Gothic Quarter, the most antique part of Barcelona.
- I recommend going to the Museu Picasso (with permanent expositions of the genial Spanish painter). I never been to MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona) but my mother liked it a lot.
- In the Ancient Port of Barcelona there is a good oceanographic (but the Valencia one is better!).
- And a lot other places, take a walk and discover it!!
About nightlife and music places:
- If you like classical or opera you can go to the Theatre Liceu (but you'd need a suit).
- The most well-know clubs to listen to pop bands are Razzmatazz, Bikini or Luz de Gas.
- I think that the hip and alternative quartiers are Gracia and Poble Nou now, but in Ciutat Vella there’s a cosmopolitan ambiance (Manu Chao lived there for a while I think). But don’t trust me so much in this aspect…
- Sadly I think there’s no important festivals in August, the Sonar (electronica, May) and the Primavera Club (alternative, June) are outstanding.
- I don’t know record stores in Barcelona, I only went once to a FNAC and it was quite good (but not like the great ones I’ve been in Paris!!)
And a last recommendation, go to Les Quinze Nits in Plaça Reial to have a supper. You could find better restaurants but you will not find the best value for money.
Enjoy your time in Barcelona!

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

I second La Sagrada Familia and the other Gaudi works. They're stunning.

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

I was there a few years ago and have a couple suggestions (from the tourist mindset):

Park Guell is just awesome and should be one of your first destinations. It's like walking through a Dali painting.

Don't be tempted to go see the Cathedrial in the mountains behind Barcelona. It's ugly and very disappointing (especially if you make a point of hiking up to it, bleh).

Also, try to catch a train North to Figueres to see the Dali museum for a daytrip.

Are you staying just in Barcelona, or are you going to see some more of Spain?

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

I'll go to Barcelona by plane. Without car, I'll only stay in Barcelona city during the 9 days.
Thank you guys for these precious informations !!
I'm sure I'm gonna have some nice holidays !

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

Hm, Dumbangel, you're flying today, maybe you still get this post.

I was in Barcelona once for a week of holiday, already some time ago (around '97). It started really bad, for I got pickpocketed in the metro, so be careful! But the holiday was still great, here are my top 5 suggestions:

- Early night walking on the Ramblas
- Picasso museum
- La Sagrada Familia
- La Musica Catalana (beautiful concert hall in Art Nouveau / Jugendstil style)
- Nou Camp stadium including museum (if you don't like soccer, forget it)

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

Vinyl records, collectionism, second ahnd, etc.: Tallers Street (close Las Ramblas)

Re: Holidays in Barcelona

¡hola! from Barcelona !!!

It's the first time since 9 days that I go on the internet.
Thank you guys for your recommandations.
I come back to Paris tomorrow.
During this holidays I've seen the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Picasso museum and many others beautiful things. My only disapointment is the Barcelonetta beach, I've been to Sitges it's better.
I've been to the Harlem Jazz Club where I've seen a very good band that played flamenco.
Port Olimpico is very good too, many bars and places where to dance and see beautiful chicas .