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The Hold Steady - STAY POSITIVE

Record of the Year? Maybe...But I'll definately Stay Positive

The Hold Steady have released there fourth consecutive great album in a row. In this day in age, it is a very rare thing to come by. What I fear is a Career all to similar in resembelance to that of The Rolling stones. Alot of great early success, but failure to maintain in the long run. with songs ranging from drug addictions, to sexual experiances. The Hold Steady seem to live very much in the now.

Saty Positive is a slight curve compared to there previous works. Were the 3 previous seem to rely on lyrics about being in the party, stay positive feels like its just trying to get in to the party, and almost how you deal with being left out, or taking a break. It shows interesting range in Crag finns dylanesque bar rock style.

The band is sharper then ever, belt out tunes like some well oil machine on the verge of explosion. The emotional creativity, and wide ranging talent only point towards a band half way there. The hold steady may not be as young as the characters in there stories, but in rock years, they got about 5 more amazing albums left in them

Stay Positive 5/5 and thats only after 4 listens. Like
Boys and girls, Separation sunday and almost killed me. This album will only get better with time.

Best Tracks

Sequestered in memphis, Lord im Discouraged, Both Crosses, Joke about Jamaca, and the second bonus track on the CD

An amazing album, and an even better life experience.