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Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

A quick stat for this week. Although I'm not totally sure about the contest in whole I know that there are 64 songs left and this week 46 of them were nominated. Add in some of the people who didn't vote this week and I'd bet only 15 or so songs haven't been nominated so far. I can think of a couple that I've seen nominated before that weren't on this weeks list. Penguin, For No One is safe, fear not! It didn't even make the close list. One other note: All of the sudden the holiest of holies among critical circles is down to 5 songs...


20 Oh! Darling
19 With A Little Help From My Friends
17 Fool On The Hill
17 Hello Goodbye
16 Martha My Dear

Close (1 or 2 points away): I Want You (She's So Heavy), If I Needed Someone, Mother Nature's Son

RULES: Vote for 10 Beatles songs assigning 5 points to two, 4 points to two, 3 points to two, 2 points to two and 1 point to two. Please put the point value next to each song. Please follow this format to make it easy for me to plug into Excel.

5: Song
5: Song
4: Song
4: Song etc...

Comments are very welcome but not required. I'd like it if you give an overall comment but you don't have to.

5 songs will be eliminated every Monday and Thursday and a new vote will begin each day. The deadline for submitting a list is 2PM on each elimination day. In the event of a tie all songs receiving the elimination vote will be eliminated.


211. Revolution #9
210. Love Me Do
209. Dig It!
208. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
207. Maggie Mae
206. Devil in Her Heart
205. A Taste of Honey
204. Matchbox
203. You Know My Name (Look up the Number)
202. Bad Boy
201. PS I Love You
200. When I Get Home
199. Wild Honey Pie
198. Boys
197. Flying
196. Mr. Moonlight
195. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey
194. Anna (Go To Him)
193. Run For Your Life
192. Her Majesty
191. Act Naturally
190. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
189. Chains
188. Honey Don't
187. Not a Second Time
186. You Really Got a Hold On Me
185. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
184. Baby It's You
183. Till There Was You
182. Rock and Roll Music
181. Roll Over Beethoven
180. Misery
179. Words of Love
178. When I'm 64
177. For You Blue
176. Blue Jay Way
175. The Inner Light
174. Money (That's What I Want)
173. Please, Mr. Postman
172. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
171. Only a Northern Song
170. You Like Me Too Much
169. Slow Down
168. Good Night
167. Thank You Girl
166. Little Child
165. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
164. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
163. One After 909
162. All Together Now
161. I Wanna Be Your Man
160. Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
159. Yes It Is
158. There's a Place
157. Ask Me Why
156. I'll Get You
155. Yellow Submarine
154. Hold Me Tight
153. I Me Mine
152. I Need You
151. Your Mother Should Know
150. Revolution 1
149. Honey Pie
148. Don't Bother Me
147. Tell Me What You See
146. Do You Want To Know a Secret?
145. All I've Got To Do
144. Why Don't We Do It In the Road?
143. I've Got a Feeling
142. Michelle
141. What Goes On
140. Another Girl
139. Any Time at All
138. Within You, Without You
137. This Boy
136. I Don't Want To Spoil the Party
135. Old Brown Shoe
134. It's Only Love
133. Don't Pass Me By
132. Long Tall Sally
131. I Call Your Name
130. I'll Cry Instead
129. I'm Down
128. Tell Me Why
127. The Night Before
126. Every Little Thing
125. Long, Long, Long
124. What You're Doing
123. I'll Be Back
122. Sun King
121. Wait
120. She's a Woman
119. You Can't Do That
118. Doctor Robert
117. Yer Blues
116. It Won't Be Long
115. Birthday
114. The Word
113. Baby's in Black
112. Glass Onion
111. The Ballad of John and Yoko
110. Dig a Pony
109. Good Morning, Good Morning
108. Mean Mr. Mustard
107. Polythene Pam
106. And I Love Her
105. Love You To
104. Octopus's Garden
103. No Reply
102. Rocky Raccoon
101. Things We Said Today
100. I'll Follow The Sun
99. I Should Have Known Better
98. You're Going to Lose That Girl
97. Because
96. Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
95. Drive My Car
94. From Me to You
93. Girl
92. Baby You're a Rich Man
91. I Want To Hold Your Hand
90. If I Fell
89. Magical Mystery Tour
88. I Want To Tell You
87. I'm a Loser
86. I've Just Seen A Face
85. Getting Better
84. Please Please Me
83. The Long And Winding Road
82. Eight Days a Week
81. Hey Bulldog
80. It’s All Too Much
79. Julia
78. All You Need is Love
77. Two Of Us
76. Piggies
75. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
74. Good Day Sunshine
73. I'm Looking Through You
72. Think for Yourself
71. I'm So Tired
70. Savoy Truffle
69. Sexy Sadie
68. Twist and Shout
67. Lovely Rita
66. Back In The U.S.S.R.
65. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
64. Oh! Darling
63. With A Little Help From My Friends
62. Fool On The Hill
61. Hello Goodbye
60. Martha My Dear


Please Please Me

1. I Saw Her Standing There

With the Beatles

3. All My Loving

A Hard Day's Night

1. Hard Day's Night, A
7. Can't Buy Me Love

Beatles For Sale- ELIMINATED


1. Help
3. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
7. Ticket To Ride
13. Yesterday

Rubber Soul

2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
3. You Won't See Me
4. Nowhere Man
11. In My Life
13. If I Needed Someone


1. Taxman
2. Eleanor Rigby
3. I'm Only Sleeping
5. Here, There And Everywhere
7. She Said She Said
9. And Your Bird Can Sing
10. For No One
13. Got To Get You Into My Life
14. Tomorrow Never Knows

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She's Leaving Home
13. A Day In The Life

Magical Mystery Tour

6. I Am The Walrus
8. Strawberry Fields Forever
9. Penny Lane

The Beatles (White Album)

2. Dear Prudence
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
11. Blackbird
16. I Will

3. Mother Nature's Son
6. Helter Skelter
11. Cry Baby Cry

Yellow Submarine- ELIMINATED

Abbey Road

1. Come Together
2. Something
6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
7. Here Comes The Sun
9. You Never Give Me Your Money
14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight
16. End, The

Let It Be

3. Across The Universe
6. Let It Be
12. Get Back

A Sides and B Sides:

She Loves You
I Feel Fine
Day Tripper
We Can Work It Out
Paperback Writer
Lady Madonna
Hey Jude
Don't Let Me Down

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

Hey, John! Some days ago, while writing my post here, I was thinking exactly about what you said in your stat today. And I think these are the only songs that have never been voted here:

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Nowhere Man
Eleanor Rigby
Here, There and Everywhere
Tomorrow Never Knows
A Day in the Life
Strawberry Fields Forever
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Helter Skelter
Here Comes the Sun
You Never Give Me Your Money
The End
Let It Be

The only real surprises for me are Help and The End.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

I kind of remember somebody voting for The End but I might be wrong about that.

I also wanted to comment about something Honorio brought up a couple days ago. Google "John Lennon hated" or other variations of hated, and you can see John had a lot of opinions about a lot of things! I wouldn't doubt that you could find quotes of him that trash 3/4 of the Beatles catalog!

5: She Loves You
5: Got To Get You Into My Life
4: Can't Buy Me Love: I forgot to add this back to my list when stuff on my playlist got erased. This week I realized that it was still there.
4: I Saw Her Standing There
3: If I Needed Someone
3: Carry That Weight
2: Taxman
2: Golden Slumbers
1: Come Together
1: Something

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

5: I Am the Walrus
5: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
4: All My Loving
4: I'm Only Sleeping
3: Paperback Writer
3: Penny Lane
2: I Feel Fine
2: Golden Slumbers
1: Across the Universe
1: She Said, She Said

That Walrus just keeps on heaving those tusks

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

I'm a little surprised Eleanor Rigby hasn't been nominated once. I mean, I haven't voted for it either, but it's kind of a slow moving song kind of similar to The Long and Winding Road. I'm surprised nobody voting dislikes it.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

John, I'm pretty sure you ARE John Lennon, but you insist on playing sick games with us.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

5: Ticket to Ride
5: Fixing a Hole
4: If I Needed Someone
4: A Hard Day's Night
3: You Won't See Me
3: Mother Nature's Son
2: And Your Bird Can Sing
2: Carry That Weight
1: Paperback Writer
New votes:
1: I Will: charming, no doubt, but soft too.

John, you’re right. In the Dowlding book there are numerous quotes of some long interviews that Lennon gave to Playboy in September of 1980 (two months before his death). Some fragments were published in Playboy magazine and the complete interviews were published after Lennon’s death as David Sheff: “The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono”, 1981, Berkley Books, New York. And yes, you guessed it, he dismisses more than a half of his catalog, qualifying for instance “Cry Baby Cry” as “rubbish” and “Dig a Pony” as “a piece of garbage”. And, as you could guess too, he had no problem at all in trashing Mccartney material (the lack of fair-play of Lennon was legendary and perfectly showcased in “How Do You Sleep?”). Who said that genius must be kind too?

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

I've just made a personal mixtape of my favourite Beatles songs : 50 songs on 2 cds
Here's the tracklist :

CD 1 :

1. I saw her standing there
2. Do you want to know a secret
3. All my loving
4. Till there was you
5. I should have known better
6. If I fell
7. And I love her
8. Eight days a week
9. I feel fine
10.Ticket to ride
11.Norwegian wood (This bird has flown)
12.You won't see me
13.Nowhere man
15.In my life
16.Paperback writer
18.Eleonor Rigby
19.I'm only sleeping
20.Here, there and everywhere
21.For no one
22.Tomorrow never knows
23.Lucy in the sky with diamonds
24.She's leaving home
25.A day in the life
26.Magical mystery tout
27.The fool on the hill
28.Your mother should know

CD 2 :

1. I am the Walrus
2. Hello, goodbye
3. Hey Jude
4. Dear prudence
5. While my guitar gently weeps
6. Happiness is a warm gun
7. Martha my dear
8. Blackbird
9. I will
10.Mother nature's son
11.Helter skelter
12.Good night
13.Don't let me down
14.Across the universe
15.Let it be
17.I want you (She's so heavy)
18.Here comes the sun
20.Golden slumbers
21.Carry that weight
22.The end

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

Return to the game :

5 - Get back
5 - Cry baby cry
4 - Yesterday
4 - Got to get you into my life
3 - You've got to hide your love away
3 - Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band
2 - Fixing a hole
2 - Taxman
1 - She said she said
1 - Penny Lane

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

5: Fixing a Hole
5: Can't Buy Me Love
4: Mother Nature's Son
4: Carry That Weight
3: She's Leaving Home
3: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
2: I Feel Fine
2: I Want You (She's So Heavy)
1: Across the Universe
1: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

If "With a Little Help ..." is out (how'd that happen, anyway?), there's no real reason to keep the title song around, either.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

A Pretty good top 60(59),but there are still some that I have an issue with:

5: I Want You(She's So Heavy)
5: Lady Madonna
4: Can't Buy Me Love
4: Mother Nature's Son
3: Don't Let Me Down
3: Get Back
2: Carry That Weight
2: Cry Baby Cry
1: I Will
1: You Won't See Me

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

5: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
5: For No One
4: Mother Nature's Son
4: Hello Goodbye
3: You Won't See Me
3: Rain
2: Golden Slumbers
2: Penny Lane
1: Lady Madonna
1: She's Leaving Home - More Macca on my list. This is one of several songs on "the best rock album ever" that really isn't rock. No Eleanor Rigby class though.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

It’s been a looong time since I last voted…and I feel bad about that, especially since John has been gentlemanly continuing to vote in Survivor and the HOA. But y’all have done a great job with this.

I like all the remaining songs, but these would be my next ten out:

5p: Lady Madonna [one of their weakest singles]
5p: Got to Get You Into My Life
4p: Cry Baby Cry [this is still here? really?]
4p: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
3p: You Won’t See Me
3p: Can’t Buy Me Love
2p: She’s Leaving Home [doesn’t rock]
2p: Don’t Let Me Down
1p: Across the Universe
1p: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I should explain those last two a bit: I see from Toni’s list that I’m the first to vote for “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” It’s not a bad song, but I do think it’s overrated. George didn’t really hit his songwriting peak until Abbey Road. Plus, I'm allergic to Eric Clapton.

“Across the Universe” is a pleasant enough song to listen to without actually being very good. I believe that Lennon’s frightening LSD intake was the catalyst for his very best songwriting in 1966 and 1967 (don’t try this at home). From “Tomorrow Never Knows” through “I Am the Walrus,” he could not write a bad song (Slush, yer killin’ me here). But I think “Across the Universe,” which was written in late 1967, betrays the lethargy and indifference of a drug burnout.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

Oops, Hello Goodbye isn't with us anymore. My new list:

5: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
5: For No One
4: Mother Nature's Son
4: You Won't See Me
3: Rain
3: Golden Slumbers
2: Penny Lane
2: Lady Madonna
1: She's Leaving Home
1: We Can Work It Out - good, but not great

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

John, will there be another wild card round?

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

I was hopping that Penny Lane and Across the Universe would make the top 10, but seeing them suddenly appearing in too many lists I'm sure that they won't.

Another listening to Abbey Road and finally I really liked Come Together. In the first times I heard it, I always found it cold, uninspired and, so, totally overrated, but, audition by audition, I went realizing someday it would get me. Surely it's one of the most difficult songs from The Beatles, and I think it was a great boldness to open an album with it. As I was predicting this change in my view since a long time, I had never permitted the song to get high on my elimination list in this game. And, today, it's dropped off, what gives me the difficult work of choosing 3 new songs.

Really love Revolver, but it's time to reduce its number of remaining songs a little bit!
5: For No One
5: Got to Get You Into My Life
4: Mother Nature's Son
4: Cry Baby Cry
3: All My Loving
3: In My Life
2: I Will
New Votes:
2: I Feel Fine: Due to my restrict knowledge about the Beatles' early songs, specially for those released in no albums, this song had been safe from my list for all this time, but, with a huge delay it enters here. The Beatles made quite a good number of great songs in the beginning of their career, and looks like this isn't one of them!
1: Golden Slumbers: Surely essential for the creation of the dramatic Abbey Road spirit. But it's major contribution isn't for the song itself, but for preparing the ground for the astonishingly clamorous Carry that Weight.
1: Yesterday: My least favorite from the Macca's giant standards trilogy (Yesterday - Hey Jude - Let It Be). Although the melody is perfect and it's one of the most delicious Beatles' songs to sing along, the arrangement isn't adequate. The song deserved a more complex instrumentation, which, though, still wasn't in the group's priorities at the time.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

5: I Want You (She's So Heavy)
5: I Saw Her Standing There
4: Can't Buy Me Love
4: Taxman
3: She Loves You
3: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2: All My Loving
2: Rain
1: She's Leaving Home
1: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

I don't think so Henrik. The purpose of the last one was to allow people who didn't vote those songs out to vote them back in and maybe bring some more people in who were a little bummed that their favorite was out before they started voting.

I love the opening of Come Together and even though I do like a lot of Aerosmith, I'm pretty sure they temporarily ruined the song for me. I'm over that now and I never skip past it again when listening to Abbey Road.

Re: Beatles Survivor: Cut 30

5: She's Leaving Home
5: She Said She Said
4: Cry Baby Cry
4: Don't Let Me Down
3: Fixing A Hole
3: I'm Only Sleeping
2: I Want You (She's So Heavy)
2: If I Needed Someone
1: I Will: Fantastic melody, but at 1:45, a little too short to be remarkable
1: All My Loving: Funny that this is one of only 5-6 early Beatles tunes still around - fairly pedestrian, no?