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Rock and Roll is Dead

Read about the Hard Rock Park. See also New York Times article.

Re: Rock and Roll is Dead

The mind reels...

The Vomit Pool?
The Helter Skelter (a roller coaster which gives you blisters on your fingers)?
The Pogues' Teeth-Sharpening Hut?
Sid 'n' Nancy's Tunnel of Love?

Re: Rock and Roll is Dead

Com'on, what's wrong with an Uncle Meatball Sandwich from Captain Beefhut's brand... I live lame jokes on juicy buns.daily. AND the sauce gets four-legged, so what... Tears For Pears will be an Ultra-Vegan-Land

Re: Rock and Roll is Dead

Well, as Zappa almost said, "Rock'n'roll is NOT dead, it just smells funny"