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On Their Way!

Thought I'd start up a thread about artist that are young and we think have promissing future's by AM standards.

What are some of the artist that you forsee very high ratings from in the future. Artist that may crack the top 500 in the next 10 or more years.

Try to stay away from bands that have already made masterpieces, and albums that have already cracked acclaimed music's walls EXAMPLE (Arcade Fire, radiohead, LCD Sound System, beck, Flaaming Lips, Joanna Newsom, TV On the Radio, Sufjan Stevens, etc.)
It is very likely those artist still have alot of great work in there future's, and possibly better albums then they've already released.

Here are some of my picks

Beirut : Guy is what? 23 years old?....Thats Nuts

The Besnard Lakes : Hard working Canadian band due for breakthrough?

Bon Iver : This may or may not be a rule obiding entry by the end of this very year. For Emma was amazing, if only he can get married and divored in the next year, we'll be good...lol

The Raconteurs : I dunno about this one, but I think if you took every great song from both albums you might have something terrific.

Animal Collective : my always be oversahdow by last years solo effort by Panda bear. but this is a very unique band with tone of ambition.

Drive By Truckers : This is kind of a cheat. But I think brighter then creatioons dark found DDT on different sets of ears this year. They now have the audience they always deserved. now that Shonna Tucker has found a voice in the band, they can only be the better for it.

Vetiver : sure they also been around for a while, but damn are they good

Re: On Their Way!

I think Drive By Truckers are going to crack the top 1000, but I don't see them making the top 500. The other ones you mentioned are good, but I don't see them getting top ten of the year critical attention.

Feist I think is going to be in the top 500 next time the AM list updates, as is Amy Winehouse.

If the Hold Steady aren't there already, they're knocking on the door.

Hercules And Love Affair will almost certainly get to the top 500, and probably Bon Iver. And Fleet Foxes. Vampire Weekend probably has a shot, and Erykah Badu perhaps.

Re: On Their Way!

Even though I don't get it: Lil' Wayne

Re: On Their Way!

The National. I'm not sure if they can do better than Boxer, which was a masterpiece in my humble opinion, but if they could equal it they've got a decent chance of climbing the AM-ladder.