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Acclaimed Music T-Shirts?

Has anyone considered making Acclaimed Music T-shirts? I would certainly buy one and they could even help finance the site. Perhaps a collage of classic albums or simply the web address. I'd certainly wear it round central London at every opportunity.

Re: Acclaimed Music T-Shirts?

good idea!

any graphic designers around?

Re: Acclaimed Music T-Shirts?

Splendid idea, I'm all for it!

But before printing shirts I think the site should have a better logo. I'm not very good at graphics, so any help would be much appreciated.

How about this: if several of you would like to help me out (or even if it is one person with several ideas), we could have a best logo poll!

Re: Acclaimed Music T-Shirts?

ListVerse did the same thing back in February.

The rules were described here and these were the top 12 logos that made it to the final.