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Has anybody seen the Zombies lately?

Has anybody gone to a Zombies show now that they are touring again? I'm going to see them Sunday night at Taste of Minnesota and both Blunstone and Argent are in the lineup. It's a free event so I'm really excited that I get to see one of my favorite bands without opening my wallet! But, I wonder if my expectations shouldn't be very high. But, I saw them on PBS and they looked like they still put on a good show.

Re: Has anybody seen the Zombies lately?

For one guy's take, click here. (He basically says they sounded good but acted lame because they're old and out of style.)

Re: Has anybody seen the Zombies lately?

Yeah, that's kind of what I figured. Which is cool, because that is exactly the type of band that is great in an outdoor, free setting. It'll be enjoyable because there are no strings attached and it's supposed to be really nice out. But, I bet their ticket price is around 30-40 US dollars in which case I would probably end up disappointed.

Re: Has anybody seen the Zombies lately?

Wow, those pictures could have been taken tonight as they were wearing the same exact outfits with the stockless bass. That said, I don't think they were lame at all. Every oldies band I've gone and seen suffered from the lead singer not having the chops anymore. Colin Blunstone sounds as good as he did in his glory days and their musicians aren't just session musicians they picked up along the way it's guys that have direct ties to the Zombies and Argent. Plus, they had new songs that weren't awful.

Yeah, they talked about themselves a lot. But, you know why that is? Because they got the most response to Hold Your Head Up and Time of the Season. When Argent asked the crowd if they heard of O+O hardly anybody responded. They have the right to tell the world they were a great band because not many people know it. It sucked to see hardly anyone singing songs like Beechwood Park and A Rose For Emily and people didn't stand up for the most part until they performed Time of the Season 5 or 6 songs in. Now, if they were spouting off like that at a show where people were paying to see the Zombies that would be different.

Argent said that this was the first time any songs from O+O had been played in the United States since they didn't tour with it when it came out (since they had broken up). I was a little confused by that because I know that they played at First Ave. together a few years ago but I didn't go. I'd be shocked if they didn't play Time of the Season. But, maybe they did all solo stuff.

Re: Has anybody seen the Zombies lately?

I've seen them twice in the past two years and I am seeing them again at the end of this month. Both shows were thoroughly enjoyable. The Argent sections of the gigs had a touch of fromage, perhaps, but overall these were two of the nicest, most relaxed and entertaining shows I've ever witnessed.

They featured O&O heavily at both shows. They played six consecutive tracks from the album at the 2nd show, in fact.