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Arg! HOA

I was hoping to read through all of the information you guys were presenting to vote for the 1960 inductees, but the thread has been closed. Schleuse, can I send you an e-mail with my picks?

Re: Arg! HOA

Moonbeam, the thread (which includes a lot of recommendations and youtube videos) has been closed, but the voting hasn't started yet. There will be a new thread for that.

Re: Arg! HOA

What Henrik said. I’ll open the 1960 voting thread on Tuesday, and voting will be open for a week.

I just now looked at the forum for the first time in about 24 hours. Henrik, you made the right decision. It’s too bad, but at least we got in a good week of discussion, and I really appreciate the participation (most of it, anyway). I still think this is gonna be a lot of fun.

And I’m glad you’re joining in, Moonbeam. Didn’t think we’d be seeing you this early…hell, Prince is only 18 months old!

Re: Arg! HOA

18 months.. old enough to include him right away, no?

Re: Arg! HOA

Well, Prince did learn to play the theme to "Batman" on the piano when he was about 3, so maybe I'll vote for him in 1962.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to open up the Artists Poll soon, but I don't want to still thunder from the HOA in doing so.

I'm using the commentary and videos to educate myself so that I can make the most informed decision possible. I still want to participate in these early years, even if I won't have much to contribute. I hope that I can make up for it by making passionate posts about my 70s and 80s darlings!

Re: Arg! HOA

Will there be a Hall of Acclaimed Sidekicks and Shadowmen as well, or did nothing happen with that?

Re: Arg! HOA

Yeah. Let's do it this way: anybody who wants to vote for non-performers can vote for up to three. This is separate from the main ballot.

This is optional--you don't have to vote for non-performers if you don't care to. But any HOA voter who submits a ballot may also, separately, vote for between one and three non-performers.

If you only vote for one, that person gets three points. If you vote for two, your #1 gets three points and your #2 gets two. If you vote for three...you get the idea.

That sound OK? nicolas and Lonesome Panda, in particular, I'd like to hear from, since you guys both inspired this.

(Non-performers...we've gotta find a better word than that...)

Re: Arg! HOA