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Scott Walker....what's the big deal?

I've tried listening to these albums and I just don't get it. It's not terrible but I don't think I'd ever feel the urge to play it again. What's the big deal?

It's interesting when you look at the critics best of lists on the website. There are no US critics who have acclaimed any of his work other than The Drift. What's so endearing about him that makes Euros love him (especially countries who's native language is not English)? Seriously, this whole Scott Walker thing perplexes me.

Re: Scott Walker....what's the big deal?

You nailed it, John. Some europeans, yeah, have an affinity for melodrama - I hate to generalize, but it's a tradition thing.

Re: Scott Walker....what's the big deal?

holy_moly.. I JUST love moon reflections on those surfaces of the underwood... Minnesota is so far opp...

Re: Scott Walker....what's the big deal?

Yeah, netjade, but it's in the dryness!

Re: Scott Walker....what's the big deal?

or its moist echo then... there are lots of breeding noises in the dark when the spotlights have grown dim on a crooner with some split momentum... still amazed by the US "vs" Europe thing John found out about though, never noticed that before...

Re: Scott Walker....what's the big deal?

Try these songs:

Early Walker Brothers (1965-67)

I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
Make It Easy On Yourself
After The Lights Go Out
Looking For Me (just me having a good time, ignore)

Classic Scott Walker (1967-70)

Montague Terrace (In Blue)
The Amorous Humphrey Plugg
The Girls From The Streets
Plastic Palace People
It's Raining Today
Big Louise
30th Century Man
If You Go Away
The Seventh Seal
The Old Man's Back Again
Rhymes Of Goodbye
Thanks For Chicago, Mr. James
The War Is Over (epilogue)

Scott Walker Big Suck Period (1972-74)

Glory Road
The Ballad Of Zacco And Vanzetti
Joe Hill
Maria Bethania

Walker Brothers Reunited (1975-78)

No Regrets
Many Rivers To Cross
Nite Flights
The Electrician