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Grace Jones, bitches!

It seems that Grace Jones is set to release her first album since 1989's crappy Bulletproof Heart. I've heard that she's enlisting Sly and Robbie again, who are responsible for her awesome run from 80-82. Now, Grace may not be a formidable musician, but she is wildly entertaining! News of a new album called Corporate Cannibal has been doing the rounds for a few years now, but I didn't think it would come to fruition. And then, I thought whatever would be released would be a pale, watered down imitation of her former glory. But then I saw this, a video projection from a recent concert, and my jaw dropped!

So, what are your thoughts about Miss Mendoza? Only Nightclubbing gets any love here at AM, but in spite of the fact that she is much more of a character/performer than a musician, I think she and her team knocked off some great albums and tunes in the 80s. Based on this clip, it seems that Corporate Cannibal may belong in that group! I'll chalk this up as one of the most surprising and successful comebacks if the whole album is like this.

Re: Grace Jones, bitches!

Video: 8/10
Song: 4/10

Re: Grace Jones, bitches!

Total hateration, jade!

Video: 13/10
Song: 10/10!

Re: Grace Jones, bitches!

better notice that nick again, mb, and this time attentively...

13 out of 10?? I'd give it a solid 15. creepy...

Re: Grace Jones, bitches!

Sorry Jade! That little shit Nade tricked me again!