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Henrik, thanks so much again for this site. It's amazing. I've discovered so much music on it! I used to read Julian's Rock Lists and wish there was a big list that made sense, and then you made one, and it still made no sense at all, with Rod Stewart albums on it and all, BUT THANK YOU!!!!!!

Also, I've been gathering all of the 3000 songs. Very expensive task, heh, but - incredibly - I'm almost done.

So (I'm asking you this a bit ahead so I don't get bored later on ), is there any chance you could someday make the site have.... 5000 songs? For masochists like me? Please please please! Lots of songs in the 2900's are awesome, and many of the bubbling under ones that I got are really good too (some are even better than big chunks of the Top 500 to my ears). Plus, I have to group the Bubbling Under songs by year, and have no idea how they fit in the whole tapestry. So pretty pretty pretty pweeeease, will you consider it?