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Best Album of the Year!...Already?

I'm having trouble believing that there will be a better album released in the remainder of this year. The album I am refering to is Nick cave and The Bad Seeds - Dig lazarus Dig!!!. Admittedly I have long since been a great admirer of Cave's and his fellow bandmates. A new seeds record gets me just as excited as a new radiohead release these days.

The Seeds are in full force and tearing it up like grindermen...lol...Couldnt help myself.

I Believe this to be the finest Seeds moment ever. The instrumentation and lyrics havent seemed this inspired since "The Boatmans call". The Seeds are a band that will undoubtably get better with age, as they have proven over and over again.

With this album I can safely say without hesitation that Nick Cave deserves to be mentioned with Dylan, Waits, Cohen, and others, as the greatest song writers of this century.

If you have never heard Nick cave and The Bad Seeds, this album is probably not the best first album to listen to. It's something that has to be built up to. If you are new, then I envy your journey a great deal.

So Have we already found the album of the year? I find it hard to believe that something better will be release, but I will remain as open as possible in a year that hold's new material from the likes of (REM, MY MORNING JACKET,COLDPLAY, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, BECK, PORTISHEAD, and many many others.


Forgive grammer mistakes. Im not a fan of re-reading posts.


Re: Best Album of the Year!...Already?

Thiss was great. Love the bad seeds. Love Grinderman. I think it would be stupid for me to say this is a top 10 of all time, but I cant fight the urge.

stanDout track : Midnightman- Song is amazing

Re: Best Album of the Year!...Already?

I dont think it's stupid at all. It's already working it's way up my top 50 as we speak.

Midnight man is terrific.

My fav right now is MORE NEWS FROM NOWHERE

Re: Best Album of the Year!...Already?

I'm giving it a 7.5/10, and in my humble opinion it's definitely not Nick Cave's best. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of Nick Cave.

Re: Best Album of the Year!...Already?

If you are looking for some early critic reviews of the album. If you go to metacritic.com, then type in Nick cave and the bad seeds. Then click on to the ABBITIOR BLUE/LYRE OF ORHEUS heading. You can then find a link to Dig lazarus dig under More music from this artist.

Currently with 12 reviews, it sits with a very respectable 88%

Re: Best Album of the Year!...Already?

Yeah, I saw. Same rating as Abbatoir Blues got, and although I do think both albums are about as good I don't think either deserves even close to that high. But that's why I'm not a critic perhaps, although I try to be.