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Release year for Violent Femmes' debut album?

In the early days of RYM, I was surprised that they listed Violent Femmes' debut album as a 1982 release, and I made some research on the web. If I remember correctly I came to the conclusion that it wasn't released until 1983 (at least not officially) and I specifically remember checking the band's homepage. A few months later RYM had changed the release year to 1983 and I was relieved.

However, RYM soon changed it back to 1982 again and now Honorio wrote this in the report errors here thread:

Henrik, I’ve got a doubt while I’m preparing my list of 1982: the “Violent Femmes” first album was released in 1982 or 1983? According to various sources it was released in 1982 (Rate your music, Rockdelux, Wikipedia – in this one 30 November 1982 is listed as the date of release – and even the Violent Femmes official page). But many other sources list it as 1983 (allmusic, discogs). In my own CD (although being the 1991 European CD release by London Records) is listed as 1983 Slash Records.
What do you think about it?

It looks like it is 1982 after all. Anyone else who has something to add about this? How should we deal with this in the 1982 and 1983 polls?

Re: Release year for Violent Femmes' debut album?

Slash records own website lists it as 1983 so I think we should probably go with that as there is no record of any other label releasing it pre-Slash.


I have an original vinyl release I'll check the date on when I get home.

Re: Release year for Violent Femmes' debut album?

Interesting, RYM lists 8 different releases, the first vinyl release in 1982 (cat.nr.23845-1), whereas the CD release - including 2 bonus tracks, is from 1983 (cat.nr.23845-2). The correction history doesn't give any further clues.

Stammer, your web link states that the vinyl release (cat.nr.23845-1) is from 1983, but how official is that site? When I look here: http://www.discogs.com/label/Slash+Records and click on the Violent Femmes release, it mentions the catalog number and the year 1982???

Stammer, like you already suggested, the easiest way to solve this is, that you check the year on your LP.
It's all in your hands!

Re: Release year for Violent Femmes' debut album?

And the answer is, drumroll please:

1982. Sort of.

The outside album cover does say 1982 but then the inside paper lp sleeve has a 1983 Slash Records copyright (23845-1) and also a 1983 Gorno Music Publishing ASCAP copyright.

So I guess it is your call Henrik.

Re: Release year for Violent Femmes' debut album?

I'm guessing this is one of those cases where it was put out by the band on their own and got a wide release by a label who picked them up.