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The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

It's an easy observation to see that this album is sure to crack at least the top 20 of 2008's year end list's.

Is it better then "broken Boy Soldier" YES!. But does that really amount to much?- Sorta!

The Raconteurs debut was one full of future possibilities. You could literally here the talent screaming out at you. But as is the case with most overly talented bands. THEY TRY WAY TO HARD!

This album is a perfect cross between THE POGUES/ZEPPELIN/THE STOOGES. Lots of heavy guitars and a rythem section to die for.

Perhaps my buggest disapprovel is the albums lenght. We could trim this one down by about 2 or 3 songs. By doing so, it would make it a very tight album.

Broken Boy soldier 3.5/5
Consoler's Of the lonely 4/5 Almost 4.5, but fell short

In my opinion, this is a band that is only gunna get better with age. once they learn to be comfortable with each other, and perhaps go dark as hell on an album, they may in fact make a masterpiece.

All the elements are there, we can only wait!

Re: The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

I don't like it much. Too much Jack White not enough Brendan Benson. But, I'm not a huge White Stripes fan.

Re: The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

That's Understandable. You really do have to be a "Stripes" fan to enjoy this I think. Jack White is very prominent on this album. You could almost call it Jack white and the raconteurs...lol...Almost

It's definately not for everyone.

Re: The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

Brendan Benson was the driving force of the debut even though most people viewed it as Jack's band. It's too bad (at least for Benson fans) that the band decided it was Jack's band as well. I don't know if we need more than one White Stripes album a year.

Re: The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

I bought it, haven't listened to it yet.

I wasn't that impressed with Broken Boy Soldiers, though I think Steady As She Goes was one of the best songs of the year.

I'm still at a point where I'll buy anything Jack White puts out, even though his musical ego has reached Dylanesque proportions. (The only valid comparison to Dylan there is.)

Re: The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

I picked this up today along with The Odd Couple and must say this edges out Bon Iver as my favorite of 2008 so far.

Re: The Raconteurs - Consoler's of the lonely

We listened to it again at my music club tonight. (My personal 4th go around) We all came to the consensus that it take a few spins to absord. It's a lil scattered and the flow isnt as smooth as most albums. But the on a song by song basis, it still rocks pretty hard. My review still 4/5.

Nick Cave and the bad seeds - Dig Lazarus Dig 5/5