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Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Ok, wipe that sour look from your face for a second. Their new album is released tomorrow, and the reviews have started pouring in...

"...these Vegas boys have just picked up a new wardrobe of hugely entertaining pretensions, attempting to make their very own Sgt. Pepper."

"...but PATD's clueless, audacious thievery of the Beatles pays back far greater dividends, partially because stealing from the Fab Four guarantees an emphasis on melody over style..."

"...this bafflingly blurred Brit-pop could hook in older listeners, too, either through its genuine tunefulness or through pop junkies who will marvel at how "Folkin' Around" comes startlingly close to re-creating the sound of the Byrds circa Sweetheart of the Rodeo..."

"...or how "Do You Know What I'm Seeing" is equal parts Morrissey parody and homage."

"...it's almost — dare we say it? — a headphones album, a dense, largely enjoyable layer cake of ideas and instrumentation that might actually alienate its teenage fans. Or, one hopes, it may inspire them to delve into their parents' record collection for Sgt. Pepper's..."

All in all, several comparisons to The Beatles/Sgt. Pepper's/'60s BritPop. I've heard the record (a friend played an "advance" copy for me), and surprisingly, I enjoyed it quite a bit - I, *gulp*, may actually go out and buy it tomorrow.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Havent enjoyed there previoid wprk, but I'll try anything.

I got an early copy of Consolers of the lonely by the raconteurs today. I like there first album, but this one if far superior. it'll definately make a few year end list. I suggest you spend a few bucks on it instead.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

I liked some of their last album. I'm expecting this one to be pretty good.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Biggest poseurs I've heard of in a long time, and that's saying something with artists like The Killers borrowing not only their sound, but their name from another band. I haven't really heard the new material, but if the lead singer's voice is as whiney as it was on the first album, I'll have to pass.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

I listened to it and I think it kind of sucks. I was expecting something like My Chemical Romance- Black Parade where they adopted old styles as their own but this album just sounds like a band trying to rip off a bunch of styles and failing miserably. Thats my first impression. I can't believe it's getting glowing reviews. You know me- I'll listen to anything if it sounds good. This isn't good.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Everything nowadays is borrowed/stolen/aped to a certain degree - pure originality is a thing of the past, Moonbeam.

I'm with John... a bit of their last album was decent, and this one is better. (As much of a snob as I am, I don't automatically dismiss a band that gets heavy rotation on MTV).

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

John - your taste is all in your mouth. Sorry, but I'm listening to the critics on this one.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

I think overall you'll see the critics not very favourable over this album. Just because someone says that they are going all sgt peppers on your ass, doesnt mean its good. How many albums have you listened to with those exact same words and ending up being absolutely terrible. LAST ONE : My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade. That album blew goats.

Usually when that refernece is made, all it accounts to is over experimentation in the production studio, and ideas far to big to be realized.

The only band to do it beatles style is the beatles.

I imagine the last consensus on metacritic will be at 65 or so.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

"John - your taste is all in your mouth"

What does that mean?

Kevin, Black Parade was a great album. I can see how someone can say it's just ok, but to disregard it completely makes me think you disregard anything heard on the radio.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

lol...Your one of those people who thinks that just because something gets radio play cant be liked by music nerds...lol

I Here The rolling stones, the beatles, bob Dylan, radiohead, pearl jam, etc. on the radio every day.

The black parade is still crappy emo bullshit.

I Listen to the radi every day. If stuff like Nickleback, Three days grace, hinder, finger 11, greenday, or MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE come on. I shut it off. WHY? Not because It's on the radio...lol...But, because it sucks.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Go on Youtube and watch a video title Wierd fishes radio firendly version. It explains why most top 40 stuff is bad in one song. People that generally listen to top 40 stuff, are attracted to a noise that never seems to change. They like there weak hooks and easy to scream lyrics. I'd say about 70% of all stuff that gets play on top 40 radio is garbage. Does that make a music snob, No, just a person with an opinion that transends most peoples opinions...lol

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Anthony, I agree that music seems to be much more derivative now than in the past. It's just that Panic at the Disco seems the least sincere of any artist I've heard in a long time. But maybe this album is different. I'll check out their myspace page.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

I only really want to know one thing ... What happened to the !

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

I think they dropped the "!" because they had "matured."

Seems like a gimmick to me.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Panic at the disco needs a kick in the ass. they need to go to a live grinderman concert and have nick cave go all "fun house" on there ass.

Teach these boys to be men.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

If it's compared to Sgt. Peppers,it can't be that great then...

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

loe their songs and the lyrics really hits me...lol

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

It didn't get that great of reviews... 72 on Metacritic. It seems most critics just think it's ok.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Why purchase Panic at the disco's new album when you can purchase Bon iver's Debut, or pre order a copy of nick cave's Dig Lazaruz dig. Hell there's probably lots of stuff from last year most people havent looked into.

Animal collective
PJ Harvey


All the other stuff is pretty obvious, so I'll just list 3 hidden gems

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

not so hidden...

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Wow, I had never heard those albums before!

Come on Kevin, if you've read the boards, you know we listen to almost everything. Everyone and their brother knows about those albums.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

lol...I was just assuming that someone who would waste there time with panic at the disco had no taste and therefor would not have listened to much music. My suggestion was purely for those people.

So if I am refering music to my fellow music nerds. then here's a few from last year I'd suggest

Gravenhurst - the western lands (For my bloody valentine fans)

Rodrigo y gabriela -self titled (Has a lizard eye on the cover)

emily Haines - knives dont have your back (Shes from my home town. also a one time member of broken social scene and a former member of Metric. Very Cat powerish, but smarter)

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Anthony, I feel a bit sorry for you, getting mainly negative feedbackon your initial post, not to mention all the bullshit posts along with it.

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Thanks for you concern, Andre. It's ok though - I just filter all the shit and acknowledge the productive, relevant posts (John's, Moonbeam's)

(P.S. Hope you've been well... haven't talked to you in a while).

Re: Panic at the Disco....acclaimed?

Hi Anthony, after the New Zealand trip it has been bad weather all along, have been ill even for a bit and had the usual stress at work.

But since last weekend, I'm doing much better: It took about three weeks or os, but I finally got two very special, 'discustingly good' CD's from Amazon!

First of all, O&O from The Zombies. I had downloaded the well-known version with the 12 mono and 12 stereo tracks, but this CD release is from 2001 and has 16 other additional tracks besides the 12 'original' ones. Have to get used to it, these additional tracks are all pretty nice as well, but still prefer the downloaded version ... these 12 tracks are just divine.

Secondly, I got hold of the 2006 release "The La's - BBC in Session". A must have for britpop fans in general and The La's fans specifically. It contains all their recording work for the BBC radio, including the superb Callin' All, which they mistakenly did not put on the album release. I think the history of the La's and this compilation deserve a separate thread, to be posted on this forum soon.