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Deadline for March-´Mega-Critic´-Competition

There´s only three more days (deadline = 25th) to guess the highest new entry in the ´Mega-Critic`-Chart (publication = 31st) and to enter the chance to win that cd.

So far following guesses are in :

AJackson : Destroyer : Trouble In Dreams
BillAdama : Gnarls Barkley : The Odd Couple
John : Adam Green : Sixes And Sevens
Sinder Velvin : Firewind : The Premonition

For the moment two different acts are having a neck-and-neck-race to become this month´s rocket :

Clue to act 1 : lion skin and club
Clue to act 2 : sluice and sluice

Good luck !!!

Re: Deadline for March-´Mega-Critic´-Competition

I'll go for Hercules and Love Affair then.

Re: Deadline for March-´Mega-Critic´-Competition

I didn't realize you could vote after the albums and reviews come out.