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Stupid Fun


Re: Stupid Fun

Hey jonmarck, nobody seems to dare to react on your post, not knowing in what kind of mood you are, but hope you're alright.

Anyway, fun link. It got me thinking about songs with minimal lyrics. #15 (You really got me) seems quite short on words, even most Kraftwerk's songs are more 'wordy'. And I just looked up Satisfaction by Benassi, thinking that might be a good example, but that song has more lyrics than I could imagine when listening to it.

OK, instrumental songs don't have any lyrics, but does anybody know of any songs with 1 or 2 words only?

Re: Stupid Fun


Re: Stupid Fun

Yowsah yowsah yowsah!

Am I the only one who doesn't have a clue for most of these what the song is?

Re: Stupid Fun

No, Stephan, I had problems too.

Netjade: Tequila, by the Champs, from the 60's, which we all know from some commercial?

Tching-tche-tching-tche-tching ...



Re: Stupid Fun

The proof:

Re: Stupid Fun

OK, before we get too hysterically enthousiastic: Listened to it twice now, enough for the next, say, five years ...

Re: Stupid Fun

lol that's funny.

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