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Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

Lately I've found there's a ranking on the AM list that, above that ranking, there's a high chance I'll like an album, and below, a much lower chance.

For me that level seems to be around 700 or 800.

Is that also the case for anyone else, and if so, where is it for you?

Of course, none of it applies to the songs list.

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

This is not answering the question you posed, but I find it interesting that I find Neon Bible, In Rainbows, and Kala very overrated even though I'm a big Radiohead, Funeral, and Arular fan. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm learning that there's a better chance that I'll like an album if the critics have no reason to rank it highly other than the quality of the album itself. It's been said many times on here that the album following the great album is the one that gets acclaimed the most. I think that's the case with the three albums I mentioned. However, I had a good idea that I would like The National's Boxer because the critics had no reason to acclaim it if it wasn't good.

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

The National's BOXER is amazing. I however dont believe NEON BIBLE and IN RAINBOWS are overrated. I Think that if they get placed around the 100 -120 mark, that it would suit them very well until the best of the decade polls come out.

Other albums that the critics really had no need to praise are PANDA BEAR - Person Pitch, and JOSH RITTER - Historical Conquests.

Check them out.

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

There's no threshold for me. I like what I like. At least half of the albums I listen to aren't rated at all. Some are bubbling under, some are rated low, and some are rated high. I've discovered lots of music on AM, but it hasn't really affected my music taste.

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

I think this mark is a little higher for me, around 1100-1200, but I do know what you mean. As far as the "overrated" albums go, I'm with you on "In Rainbows" but I think "Neon Bible" is rather good. Not quite as good as "Funeral" and not worth a #1 spot for the year.. but top 5 I have no issue with. "Person Pitch" is also quite good by the way, but of course nothing tops "Boxer".

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

My 2007 top 10
Arcade fire Neon Bible
Radiohead In RainBows
Panda bear - person Pitch
The National Boxer
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver
Animal Collective Strawberry Jam
Feist The Reminder
Grinderman - Grinderman
The White Stripes Icky Thump
MIA Kala

Very similar to AM year end compilation. Does that mean I like a wide variety?

WHITE CHALK by Pj HARVEY was great as well

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

We've made a top 10 for our pazz&jop poll already, but mine has slightly changed so I guess I'll post it again, previous position between brackets:

1) The National - Boxer (1)
2) Bruce Springsteen - Magic (2)
3) Band Of Horses - Cease To Begin (-)
4) Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand (3)
5) Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (4)
6) LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (9)
7) Burial - Untrue (-)
8) Battles - Mirrored (6)
9) Blonde Redhead - 23 (7)
10) Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (10)

The biggest drop is for Panda Bear, which was previously 5th and now 11th.

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

I buy anything I find that is in the top 500 and is more than 20 years old. If an album has that kind of staying power in the minds of critics, over a couple of generations or more, I figure there's got to be something there worth investigating.

I'll do a little research for things 10 - 20 years old in the top 600, and will at least be curious about anything in the top 1,500.

Since this site began, I seem to end up with most of the top 10 from the end of year lists, as well as a few others, mostly from artists I already know well, even if they are ranked way down the lists.

Re: Is there a threshold for you on the AM list?

Have to copy what Rune said. No threshold for me, my musical taste is independent on the AM ranking.

But I do get influenced, or better inspired, by recommendations made by posters here. Examples are The Zombies' O&O album and Boxer from The National. It was not for joining this forum, I might still not know these fine albums.

To be honest, it does give a nice feeling, a feeling of 'belong', when you see one of your favorites highly ranked in AM, or allmusic, or metacritic, etc., At the same time, however, it is good to have your own taste and identity, and care less about what others think about it. In New Zealand, I bought two CD's with folkloristic Maori music and two CD's from Putumayo with more 'world music'. Makes you realize, there is quite some highly underrated music around while the pop critics focus on only parts of the whole spectrum.