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Top 10 album's (Stickly on lyrical content)

the albums you feel have the most beautifully written lyrics.

1) Bob Dylan's Blood on the tracks
2) Tom wait's Rain Dogs
3) The Beatles Abby Road
4) Joanna Newsome's Ys
5) U2's Joshua Tree
6) Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left
7) Neil Young's Harvest
8) Van Morrison's Astral weeks
9) Nick Cave's Boatman's Call
10) Joni Mitchell's Blue

I only included 1 Bob Dylan mention. (Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61 Rveisted, Bringing It all Back Home) would all be hard to keep off this list for me.

Re: Top 10 album's (Stickly on lyrical content)

Your #8 is my Top Ten.

Re: Top 10 album's (Stickly on lyrical content)

It's my favourite Morrison album. Moondance and tupelo honey are great, but neither even compares to astral weeks. There's great use of the song sweet thing in the 2002 brad silberling film MOONLIGHT MILE. Check it out, alot of great music.