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Innovator by Derrick May

Is this album being excluded because it is a compilation? However, like Fugazi's 13 Songs and The Beta Band's 3 EP'S, it consists of songs previously only available as singles [and a few various artists collections]. If those releases are included, surely this one can be too. I'm not sure if it has made enough lists to qualify, but it has appeared on the following:
Blow Up Magazine's 600 Essential Albums
Dancedelux: 1985-2005- The Best 50 Records
Paul Morley's 300 Greatest Albums
Rockdelux: Top 200 Albums of the Century
Slant Magazine's Top 25 Electronica Albums
Also, it has 5 stars from AMG.

Re: Innovator by Derrick May

Side note: May's Rhythim is Rhythim alias is currently listed in the database as Rythim is Rythim, which is understandable since he released under both monikers. However, the "Strings of Life" single was issued as Rhythim is Rhythim.

Re: Innovator by Derrick May


I haven't been sure how to handle "Innovator". The reason it has not been included is that I've seen "Innovator (Soundtrack For the Tenth Planet)" from 1991 as the eligible LP and "Innovator" from 1997 as a compilation. But now I had a look around and it seems that "Innovator (Soundtrack For the Tenth Planet)" is usually classified as an EP. So maybe it can be included, although the origin of the songs span over a whole decade.

Re: Innovator by Derrick May

Thanks for answering, I have another question though.
If Innovator is included, will Derrick May and Rhythim is Rhythim be combined into the same artist page in the database, or will they be kept separate?

Re: Innovator by Derrick May

I'll probably combine them then.